Justin Bieber’s portrait on my denim jacket with fur

justin bieber denim jacket fur

Justin Bieber ?  Yes! For next winter I strongly desire the denim jacket with fur with the portrait of Justin Bieber

In my archive of furs that I carefully sorted out before leaving for Copenhagen I found a denim jacket fur (white and pink) vintage really, really super really cool. I saw it and immediately thought of having Justin Bieber’s portrait done on it . I love Justin! I am thinking of entrusting this task to Zhanna, the designer that did the portrait on the jacket you see in the photo for me.

I really want to thank Zhanna, the designer of  J-ee-design for making me this beautiful jacket with my name and nickname Lady Fur. In the portrait I am wearing a fur by Vladimiro Gioia. Do you remember it? In this post you will find the photo shot in Cph. click here

I wore this denim jacket nearly every day: I find it beautiful and I think that Zhanna is really talented.

She illustrates your favourite photo (your own or even photos of personalities or celebrities) on all models of denim jackets.  Visit her site or Instagram: you will find beautiful things.

Here there are some denim jackets also with fur, some for summer and others for autumn found on my favourite online shops.

These 3 are my favorite


Justin Bieber on denim jacket with fur. 

For the winter season I thought of sending J-ee-design.com an xxl sheepskin with denim back or the denim jacket with fur I found in the wardrobe / storage to have a new portrait done.

Now don’t think I am crazy but I really believe that as well as my portrait I will ask them to reproduce on the denim jacket, you know what? A PORTRAIT OF JUSTIN BIEBER

I have been looking for T-shirts or sweaters with Justin to buy online (at the moment I found only these) but I still haven’t found anything I really like. I might just have a sweater with pink chinchilla hood with a portrait of Justin on the front done too.

Printing a photo of Justin on a T-shirt is childsplay but having a portrait done by an artist like Zhanna is different. It immediately enhances a jacket, sweater or any type of garment.

I would like to conclude this post saying SORRY for not having posted more but believe me I have been really busy in the last weeks:

  • we have moved my blog  welovefur.com to an American server, because in America my site was a bit slow. (Now is super fast) It took us a week because the site is very big and full of contents.
  •  I increased the team so I invested loads of time interviewing to find the right people. I’m still looking for a passionate hard worker creative fashion copywriter.
  •  going back to my beloved blog welovefur.com, we are improving the navigation on cell phones and making many other changes (we are working on them in these days) so if you see something strange for example some links not working please write to me but don’t think we are neglecting the blog because it is exactly the opposite, we are improving it so you can navigate it in the best way.
  •  after my trip to Kastoria I went to Montreal, San Marino to Giorgio Magnani, Doha where I did a lot of projects that I will share soon, Dubai and today I am writing from Copenhagen exactly from Kopenhagen Fur, what I use to call my second family. Do you remember the video I made this week last year? Click here to see it.
  • With Giorgio Magnani we are working on a great project that is not connected with the blog. The owner loves my style and my passion for fur so we decided to do the advertising campaign, the look book and the new site together ( my company will do the rebranding of Giorgio Magnani). It is a really big project that I am working on with a new team of photographers, stylists, make up artists etc. We will shoot soon.

And there is other important news that I will dedicate a new post to. =)

Your Lady Fur


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