I am sorry (love you)

lady fur i am sorry

I want to start this post saying SORRY.

Sorry if I haven’t posted on the blog. Please don’t think that I am on holiday or that I do not care because that I assure you that is not the case. Quite the opposite. I am working like a dog, going to bed nearly every day at 2 am and starting again the next day at 7am.

The last shots on my blog are from Kastoria in May so let me start from there telling you what is happening, what I have been doing and so on. I will only mention the most important things so you will get why I haven’t been on the blog much for these past two months. (I am always present on other social networks. SNAPCHAT @SAMANTHA

After Kastoria, I went to Montreal for a REALLY COOL project that I will keep secret for now. This project that will launch soon was hanging on my wall on my list of goals. DREAMS GOALS. Preparing the meeting took me a whole fortnight. Soon you will find out what I’m talking about.

After Montreal I went to Doha for two weeks, for several projects that are unrelated to our fur sector: hence I didn’t publish them on the blog. I will share them on the new blog that I will be launching shortly. In Doha and in Arab countries I have loads of followers, really LOADS. From the end of September I will spending a lot of time in Doha that will become for me like a second home and I will publish posts on Welovefur too.

When I came back from Doha I went to Giorgio Magnani Luxury Furs in San Marino. His team gave me an exclusive preview of the new collection of luxury furs. Giorgio’s collection is amazing, but the communication and image are not up to the beautiful furs the brand proposes. so we decided to do a BIG project together. My team and I will work (in fact we have been doing so for about a month already) on relaunching Giorgio Magnani’s image. Next week we will shoot the new campaign, the look book and will also redo the site. I am very happy with this project and that Giorgio Magnani, one of the most important companies of the fur sector in Italy, trusted me. I can’t wait to share what we are doing with you. The launch is scheduled for 20July 2016

And there’s more. After San Marino I went to Copenhagen. I met the new CEO of Kopenhagen Fur: Jesper Uggerhoj. We had a very long meeting where I presented everything I have done in the last few years with Kopenahgen Fur and alone. Kopenhagen Fur is one of the companies that has supported me the most in the last few years. I remember my first contact with Kopenhagen Fur in 2012 like it was yesterday. It was December and the blog had been open for a month. I asked the marketing maanger to support the blog, proposing a banner in the sidebar for a year. Ditte, who today is CEO of Great Greenlad, told me that the banner was ok but that she would have expected a more innovative project. A year after I started doing my first video experiences. We grew together. Today Kopenhagen Fur, that I like to call the mother of fur, is like a family for me. Every time I arrive in Copenhagen and go to the auction I feel at home and I always shed a tear when I leave. LOVE YOU KF

Since last September I have taken 36 flights, worked with many big companies, tripled my turnover, taken part in 8 fairs (two on crutches) and seven fashion weeks. It has been a very hard year, full of a sacrifices, victories and satisfaction but it’s not over yet.

July: The month of Haute Couture and sun filled travel. I should have taken part in the shows. Haute Couture was one of my goals. But I cancelled all my plans due to all the travelling I have done, I have neglected my team and my blog a little. Unfortunately as I don’t have a partner to take care of management, organization, administration and development, I have to do it all myself, from the creative and image part to business. It’s no mean feat but I have never liked having it easy anyway and soon I will be organizing myself in a very smart way and I will be able to take care of the creative part more.

I have decided to dedicate the whole of July and August to developing my team, to the editorial plan that I never managed to stick to, to restyling my blog Welovefur, to positioning my site and much more.

Technically speaking we are overhauling the site. Next week we will launch the new Welovefur, first the English American version and then in September also .it.

As well as relaunching the site we will have lots of changes, I am creating my capsule collection of real fur soft toys. On my blog you can buy the soft toy I hug every evening before going to sleep that I am always publishing on snapchat.

I think I have covered more or less everything.

I hope this update was to your liking.

Really there are many other things I could say but everything will be revealed in due course.

Love you

Lady Fur

photo Yana Khankhatova T-shirt: Alessandra De Tomaso Sunglasses: Eyepetizer



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