I'm proud to inform you that my favorite eyewear brand Mykita has realized a sunglasses collection together with Moncler.
I've discovered Mykita glasses while watching Sex and the City ; Sarah Jessica Parker was wearing them in the first 5 minutes of the movie. It was love at first sight, a real coup de lightning.
(In that period) I was in Miami Beach and as soon as I came out from the Cinema, I found by chance an optical store. And i bought them without a second thought.
I spent the whole summer with gold outfits, gold nails, gold bracers, gold necklaces. I was about to implant a gold tooth too !
My Mykita sunglasses have the same name of my ex boyfriend I've met in that period in Miami ; Franz.
Sadly the story had a bad end. He does not even talk to me any more.
If you want to buy Mykita sunglasses, click here.
I'm going to buy Mykita Mylon glasses for sure. In the meantime, you should watch the movie Mykita & Moncler.
See you soon !

I'm wearing  Cavalli Class cashmere sweater
                     Ernes ( my new brand collection of skirt) Purple taffetas skirt
                     Carlo Ramello pyton gold bag
                     UG Mongolian black boots
                     Mykita sunglasses FRANZ GOLD


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