Chinchilla and alligator for Beijing Fashion Week day 3

Lady Fur look : chinchilla coat for Beijing Fashion Week

I’m at Home,

I’m not at my home but, I’m at the home of my Granny, in Turin. Here I spent many years of my life. Beautiful years.

My room is medium big, rich of cabinets made lined in fabric in shades of brown. The single bed, is located under a big picture of Mario Schifano.

The white desk is positioned under a large window and has a library full of books, records, of all my old work as a designer and my research of fashion.

Here a photo of me in chinchilla coat and alligator


chinchilla fur coat lady fur vladimiro gioia

In the wardrobe there are all sorts of furs and clothes: collected, vintage and modern, luxury as chinchilla coat and less expensive such as rex rabbit  ….

Everytime I come here I lock myself in this room for hours and hours: open boxes, flip through books, I read old diaries, I look at pictures and I enjoy rediscovering creative games of my childhood there …then the angular part of this cabinet that always attracts attention: there you can find all kinds of bags, hats of every shape and color, and various odds and ends belonging to my grandmother that I adore.

Binoculars are the first thing that catch your eye, and from a young age, everytime I have come here, I have not been able to resist the temptation to take a peek at the homes of our neighbors …. I’ve seen some nice things..

chinchilla fur coat lady fur vladimiro gioia furs
chinchilla fur coat lady fur vladimiro gioia photos beijing fashion week

In the wardrobe there are all sorts of furs and clothes: collected, vintage and modern ….


But back to us… in these photos, I was in Peking for Beijing Fashion Week, in my hotel room, a few hours before an important business meeting. Dressed, made up and hairstyled, I have always been like this, when I have to do something important, I do it in advance.

WRONG MOVE! DO NOT DO IT! The wait for the appointment is filled with these thoughts that give me ANXIETY!

I was lying on the bed next to my chinchilla fur coat, I was chatting with QQ – WECHAT and not thinking about the appointment …

Mattia Kamikaze, who is my photographer artist suddenly looks at me and says, standing there as you are! STOP, STOP .. Ok! Now raise your arm, look to the right …


Optimized-IMG_7754 copy
chinchilla coat lady fur vladimiro gioia lady fur photo

So, in this case, the anxiety from waiting had turned into a shooting in all it’s effects …. =) =)

All those like me who love skins and furs will especially like these photos.

Hard not to notice the coat in chinchillas and the top in crocodile. Right?


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Miao Miao

Lady Fur

 Chinchilla & Alligator Vest : Vladimiro Gioia

Plum Pants: Albino

Shoes: Prada

Sunglasses: Miu Miu

Clutch: Corsine Labedoli

Makeup and hair: Jean (Beijing)

Photos: Kamikaze


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