Kopenhagen Fur Grading System and Label System

Kopenhagen Fur Grading System and Label System in this post I will explain how it work with photos took at the auction house and video

25 million skins, 25 million skins,  25 million skins….  Ah ah ah! I love repeating this phrase… 25 million skins, not all mink naturally! Mostly yes, (about 90%) but Kopenhagen Fur also sells sabels, martens, raccoons, karakul, chinchilla, seal, fox, rabbit, and many others.

In my previous posts I tried to explain in a simple way, to non professionals, how an auction works and how the skins are selected. For those of you who haven’t read the post click here 

Kopenhagen Fur Grading System and Label System To sum up:

After having divided the furs by type (main types , rare types, very rare types), by sex (male or female) by size (starting from 27 cm and going up to 101cm), by colour (black, xxxdark, xdark, dark, medium, pale, xpale, xxpale, xxxpale e white), by clarity (clarity 1 blue, clarity 2, clarity 3 brown, clarity 4 red) by coat (classic and velvet), they then proceed with division by qualità ( there are many).  Here below are the four labels, recognised all over the world, that cerify the best quality.

Kopenhagen Fur’s four quality labels are :

KOPENHAGEN PURPLE: top quality, the most luxurious skins coming from the best mink, chinchilla and swakara farms.

KOPENHAGEN  PLATINUM: Excellent quality minks that ensure a very high quality of top hair and an exceptional density and full underfur.

KOPENHAGEN BURGUNDY: High quality mink selected for the uniformity of the coat and for the volume of the underfur.

KOPENHAGEN IVORY: Quality minks selected according to the harmonious balance between top hair and underfur.

These are the labels that identify the skins. Furs skins with these labels are certainly excellent qulaity, coming from the best farms.

I hope I have been clear.

In this video Søren explanation to us the high efficiency and technology of the Kopenhagen Fur Grading System and Label System.

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  • Very very nice Video, Samantha, about the 25 millions animal skins – what for a great number. Long live the fur industry!

  • 25 million skins, 25 million skins,  25 million skins…. I can’t stop repeating that phrase as well. A figure that is quite breathtaking. 90% are mink – that is 22,500,000 mink. This is the best and most interesting article you have written so far. I love reading your page. Bless you and thank you too.

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