Even if the press day was two days ago, i have only just got over it.

My press office team directed by Elisa Airaghi and Manuela Cappellini is not just light years ahead, it’s much more!!!! The idea of allowing people to follow the event live was genius and worked perfectly.

From 10 in the morning until 7pm I presented my collection to the press and to bloggers.

From 7 to 10,30pm there was the Cocktail Party during which I made a few discoveries.

One of the three owners of my favourite flower shop in Milan is originally from Turin like me and is also from my same area and practically the same street…. Her name is Carlotta Lievore her shop is Coralflowershop .

My favourite drink is HugoSpritz Tastey! I must have drunk at least four or five. The HugoSpritz promoter (very cute by the way) reminded me a little of my ex boyfriend Franz who was also a promoter but for Redbull.

The python skin and horse shoe collection that I wanted so much to wear, displayed next to mine, is by Viviana Vignola, a real super elegant-chic Napolitan, also coming from the fur sector… We immediately became great FRIENDS =) The show brand is RACINE CARREE

I also had the great pleasure of meeting the IMURR. They can read minds, and, without your having to say a word, they understand immediately how you are, giving you personal and style advice that allows you to face life in the best way. Antonio and Roberta really have lots to teach and get across to others. I advise you to buy their BOOK and follow their BLOG. I, on my side, have already saved it in my favourites to read every day.

Eyelashes: Stylashes is one of the top eyelash extension complanies in Italy. Could I not entrust myself to them and have them done? You must do it too. With their extensions you will seem younger, never tired, more beautiful and attractive. After having tried them I think that I won’t be able to do without them. Click here for further information.

I also discovered the existence of an amazing brand of men’s shoes with a super cool e-commerce. SUPERGLAMOUROUS

Lots of my friends also participated and I thank them deeply because their presence made such a special day for me even more beautiful.

Even lots of celebrities of show business participated like: Rachele Sangiuliano, Ana Laura Ribas, Giulia Calcaterra, Andrea Offredy, Hide and others besides. Everyone liked the collection. i am very happy.


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