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Lady Fur in Kastoria at Avanti Furs shop with Blackglama

In the previous post I told you of the importance that Greek society gives to the family values and work ethic.

Values and Ethic

It is precisely for this reason that I want to share with you an example of a Greek family that passed down the work from father (Konstantinos Kranias) to son. Really, in our case, the sons are three, three business managers of the fur sector known all over the world: ARGIRIS KRANIAS, STAVROS KRANIAS and LOUKAS KRANIAS. I am of course talking about AVANTI FURS.

In Italy when we think of an innovative company we think that it has a wide vision of the future or that it has a strategic plan for itself, we can confirm that this company is ahead (“AVANTI”).


By this I want to tell you how “AVANTI” Avanti Furs is, in the full sense of the word.

A large percentage of fur businesses, still today in 2014, have not understood the importance of the web and of social networks.

Those that are structured, with a team with web experience like Avanti Furs are few. There are in fact present on the web with the site which has a fresh and innovative design translated in several languages, they are also present on many social networks and have a digital pr who is dedicated to web communication. But above all they sell online. They have shops all over the world, Paris, Peking, Ubai, Greece, Serbia, Russia…

Remember those swakara shoes that I posted during the Mifur fair? You can find them here on their e-commerce.

Very soon I will publish a video on BLACKGLAMA created precisely interviewing the Avanti Furs team.


AVANTI FURS and BLACKGLAMA have collaborated for decades. The answers given to the questions asked by me were really very interesting. Stay tuned: video coming soon.

During the interview Aggeliki, PR Manager of Avanti Fur, offered me some Loukoumi, a Greek speciality very similar to marshmallows. So good! Try them if you go to Greece<3


The three brothers also gave me an awesome big fur bag, two mink fur rings, and eyelashes always in Blackglama mink to deepen the look with an indescribable effect.

They really spoilt me.

I will publish the gifts later in other posts because there are many more things to say about this great company but above all about their furs.

In the photos I am wearing a piece by Avanti Furs with Blackglama furs. very soft, elegant and lots of attention to detail.

Loukas Kranias and I




Wearing Avanti Furs coat in Blackglama skins

Dimirios Siomos Greece Responsable of Blackglama, Avanti Furs brothers and I


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