Fur for men

Dear  Fur Lovers
For practically a year now I have been receiving comments and emails from you with questions like this: “When will you publish other men’s fur?” or “In the fairs that you attend are there men’s furs?”
Maybe you don’t remember but about one year ago I published a photo of my best friend Dario Sguazzini  at my grandmother’s house who was wearing a lynx. That photo went all over the web. And I shared this post really funny click here to see the post 
I was thinking of creating a column on this subject but given my commitments I couldn’t go ahead with this project.
Finally the right occasion came up. At the fair with me was Paolo Sfarra, also a fur lover, who couldn’t but try all of them.
Get ready because I will soon be launching a new project dedicated to men in fur.


Paolo Sfarra wears Giorgio Milios fur coats 




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