Fur coats in NYC

where to buy fur coats in NYC

Here there are my tips about where to buy fur coats in NYC

Where can you buy fur coats in NYC? Looking for shops that sell furs or furriers or department stores with amazing brands and exclusive furs? You are in the right place. Going to New York for the Christmas holidays and as a gift your fiance, husband, brother, ex husband, mother, grandmother, or you rich career women want to buy a beautiful fur for Christmas. But where can you go? New York is big and the offer is generous.

Here is my advice on where to buy fur coats in NYC.

By the way, New York is second on my list of objectives for 2016. Not only New York but AMERICA in general.

Shops that sell furs, mono brand, departement stores with extreme luxury furs. Here is Lady Fur’s list:

  • Bergdorf Goodman “the fur salon” – on welovefur there is a beutiful article about it written by one of my collaborators. Click here. At Bergdorf we can buy the highest fashion furs chosen by one of my icons Linda Fargo, one of the most influential women in the world. Bergdorf should be your first stop, I advise you stay for lunch too, to look at the photographs of the great actresses, fashion icons who were at Bergdordf. I love Bergdorf I hope that one day we can collaborate. Yes: BERGDORF GOODMAN will be my first stop as soon as I get off the plane. Bergdorf Goodman’s site
  • bergordf goodman empire
  • Dennis Basso extreme luxury fur coats in NYC, You will find it at 825 Madison Ave, its a super luxury boutique. Dennis Basso’s furs use very select sable, chincilla, mink, and fox inlaid with crocodile, python and material like lace and silk. The style is elegant, every detail is to the milimetre. I had the great pleasure of meeting the stylist Dennis Basso in 2013 and then in 2014.Last year I went to the Dennis Basso show, look at the photos here.

    dennis basso lady fur
    Lady Fur and Dennis Basso FW 2015 NYFW
  • REICH FURS is a brand of the ER FUR TARDE CORPORATION leader in the American market owned by Oscar De La Renta furs. I visited this company and met Eddie e Maria Reich in September click here to see the post. Reich Furs recently partnered with Neiman Marcus here is a really cute video. Reich Furs also sells fur coats online. I love Eddi Reich’s wife, who on the web is known as THE FUR BOSS. I will meet her very soon in NYC, I can’t wait. Here is the video with the Fur Boss and Eddie Reich.
  • Eddie Reich and Lady Fur
    Eddie Reich and Lady Fur NYC SS 2015

  • Maximilian Fur Truthfully, I have neer been there but Maximilian Fur is really very well placed on the search engines and every time I look for fur in New York, it pops up. Bloomingdales sells it’s fur coats in NYC. The collection seems quite classic.
  • Marc Kaufman I don’t know this brand very well either, but its under the company of EF Furs at 212 West 30th St near Madison Square Gardens, and last time I was going to enter the shop but my photographer make me give it up because I was late for a shooting. Marc Kaufman’s furs seem very classical and commercial to me, they are those furs you can use every day, Some are a little vintage but I will definitely go there because I am very curious to see what they are proposing. If you go Marc Kaufman’s site you can see for yourself what they offer. They sell online.
  • Helen Yarmak a Russian brand of extreme luxury furs. You could read on the tag a price of a Helen Yarmak sable fur of even 200 thousand euros. (I am telling you only to prepare you psychologically). Great for furs in sable and chincilla. Last year I, let me say, finally, met Helen Yarmak! I had interviewed her by email back in 2012 then it took me 3 years to meet her. She is a fantastic woman, I could listen to her for hours. Her event in New York was really cool. For her, fur is art. Luxury art. See here our photos together You can find her furs in NYC at 730, Fifth Avenue, 23rd Floor (terrace with a dream view) Go. Here is the site. Here there are photos shot with my Iphone 5 during Helen Yarmark event.
  • fur coats in nyc furs in nyc furs in nyc
    lady fur and helen yarmark
    lady fur and her best friend niece
    Lady Fur with her best friend Raffaella at HELEN YARMAK EVENT

    lady fur
    Photos shot with Iphone 5 Lady Fur wearing Vladimiro Gioia fur at HELEN YARMAK EVENT IN NYC
  • Kostantine furs vintage furs or economical furs I advise you to go if you are looking for a low cost old style. Vinatge has come back in fashion. For fashion week in fact I will wear a seventies fur, long down to the ankles, bought with 500 euros in a market. Konstantine Leathers Corporationis furs in NYC is here: 210 W 29th St, NY 10001
  • ML FURS has sold furs since 1951 by American fur brands and others that I know well like Pologeorgis, Adrienne Landau, Loro Piana, Zuki, Ballin collection, Zc Posen, Michael Kors, Gorky and many others. If you have the possibility to go to Colorado I advise you to visit the shop at 263 Josephine St.Denver, CO 80206

where to buy fur coats in NYC

Now I will list the shops that sell fur coats in NYC “similar”. The old fashioned furriers that have made history. More or less the shops in the list have furs of the same quality and price. There are commercial furs like coats, ponchos, classic long minks etc… Certainly these shops are fine for a first purchase if you have a medium budget and if you are looking for a fur to wear every day in different situations.

  • CRONICHE FURS: on 7th Avenue here is the site, they sell online
  • Steven Corns Furs since1989, also sell online www.stevencorn.com
  • Kersnerfurs since 1927 Brooklyn furriers d6909 18th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204 site
  • Peter Duffy is at 231 West 29th Street web site
  • SOBARA FUR 39 West 32nd Street-suite 1400 New York, NY 10001

Department stores that sell fur coats in NYC

Upper East Side

  • Barneys New York
  • Bloomingdale’s After all these years, the little brown bag is still American girls’ best friend. The shopping mecca is on the crossroads between 59th Street and Lexington Avenue, where it was founded in 1886,(You can also visit the imposing predecessor Bloomingdale, smaller but really cool between Broadway and the eminently fashionable Crosby Street.)

Midtown West

Midtown East Saks Fifth Avenue

Lord & Taylor Even is I love this department store unfortunately they sell mainly faux fur.

Financial District

Century 21 You can find amazing bargains! There is also one in Manhattan near the Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side, and the outlet is at Brooklyn’s Bay Ride.

Union Square

Nordstrom Rack Pop by here it’s also possible to find very cute fur accessories at unbeatable prices. Pick up more affordable gifts for loved ones (or yourself) and enjoy beautifully crafted and, at times, over-the-top window displays. These 11 stores—found all over Manhattan, from the Upper East Side to Midtown to SoHo, though many have outer borough outposts, too—are essential visits on anyone’s New York City shopping itinerary.

Neiman Marcus is not in New York yet but will open in 2016. I can’t wait for it to open. I remember in Miami I went to Neiman and they had beautiful furs.

Then dear fur lovers there are the big single brands that sell fur coats in NYC like Fendi, Burberry, Marni, Sonia Rikel, Michael Kors, Prada, Miu Miu, Dior, Gucci you could write all of them but it’s so easy to find them that I think it’s pointless writing them.

After next NYFW I will do continue this post” fur coats in New York

In the photos I am in Brooklyn, in September 2015 during the New York Fashion Week.

I am wearing a rex fur with the back in python of my brand Lady Fur. I don’t have it anymore but a make tailor made furs on request.

where to buy fur coats in NYC
Lady Fur walking in Brooklyn wearing a short fur coat by her brand Lady Fur
where to buy fur coats in NYC
Lady Fur CLICK HERE to see more photos

where to buy fur coats in NYC where to buy fur coats in NYC nyc
Photo: Joshua Kogan

Make up: Joshua Beeler (THE BEST MAKEUP ARTIST EVER)miss u <3

Shoes: Daniela Gonzalez

Don’t miss all post did in New York

If you like my photos and stye follow this category you will find all look with different topology of furs like mink, chinchilla, fox, marmot, spotted coats and more

Love you Lady Fur

First and only fur blogger present on the web

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