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 Mink  splendid and an evening that finished badly.

The web is full of cute mink vest, even if I must admit that when I googled: mink vest google.it, I was disappointed. Defeated. Italian fur is really behind. Pity: Italian fur brands have such beautiful collections but few show them on the web or focus on online sales. They are still convinced that they can’t sell online and that if they show furs they risk having them copied. Mamma mia when I hear these phrases I want to change job! =)

Certainly, selling furs online alone is difficult but these fur brands could focus on selling their collections to influential online shops like Luisa Via Roma and Co.. that make millions every year selling luxury items online.

In this post I will tell you something about mink vests and what happened to me with a guy the evening I shot these photos with the mink and python gilet by Nevris.

The mink vest

The fur mink that I am wearing in the photo was given to me by Nevris, a luxury fur brand I am very, very fond of. Nevris is in  Kastoria, in Greece, the home of fur. When they sent me their look book with the collection of furs I saw the gilet and I immediately started going on about having it. But it was worth it: a week later I unexpectedly received it at home. But I didn’t get just the fur vest.

Black mink fur vest and mink fur to match

I got the mink vest with a very modern, short, black mink fur to wear over the gilet. =)

Yes, because the designer I met and adore, had the great idea of making a fur dress vest and matching it with a mink jacket.

I love the idea of wearing mink fur coat over the gilet. I love skins! You know I am mad about crocodile, sea snake, python and so I decided to focus on the black mink with python vest. I will shoot the black mink in Cortina. =)

This fur vest is made of shiny pink python with a mink skirt by Blackglama. It closes with a magnet. The fact that it closes with a magnet is rather sexy and immediately drove the guy I went out for dinner with after the photos crazy (pity that the dinner finished badly). The fur vest can also be worn as adress and that is exactly what I did that night.

I wore it with fine fishnet tights and flat furry Gucci shoes with a shiny black shirt full of rouches. An outfit out of this world. I felt really good. 🙂

If you are looking for a mink vest

Fur vest: if you type“fur vest” in the search of Welovefur you will find a guide post with the best fur gilets including mink vests and fox vests found in the best online shops. You can buy them directly from the blog clicking on the image of the product. It took me two days to do that post, I hope you like it.

If you are looking for a fur vest, can travel and go to Kastoria I advise you pop by Nevris or check out the catalogue and ask more information by phone.  Many brands that don’t sell online sell by phone on request. I have bought many things in this way. Many.

Mink fur

mink vest lady fur loving her fur
Enjoying my new mink fur vest in Milan (Romantic Mood)

A mink coat is an excellent Christmas gift. Below is a selection of very cute mink furs I dug up on the web.

Transform your fur coat

If you have inherited furs please handle them with care and absolutely don’t throw them away.

Have them restyled. Transform your fur into a beautiful fur vest, or a fur cover for your dog. Or if you really must get rid of it, I have written a post on what to do but just thinking about selling one of my furs makes me feel sick.

Fur is priceless. Don’t sell it, transform it and reuse it.

Let me give you an example. I inherited a milkyu white fur. I transformed it. I had a double-breasted vest made, white in front and mahogany behind with antique pink lining and buttons on white crocodile. Really cool. I had it restyled. As soon as I have time I will do a post with the photo of the double-breasted fur vest with cashmere above. I transformed an ugly mink fur into an incredibly beautiful vest.

You know that I love redoing furs so if you want to transform your fur just write me. In Milan I work with three laboratories: they are good and quick. But I don’t take on all restylings. I only choose the projects that I really like because this work is a hobby for me and I do it with passion.


If you suffer the cold and mink fur is not enough for you

In the mink vest, seeing as I feel the cold , (I chose the right job ahahah) I inserted a bit of cashmere on the back. It  keeps me really warm. I can’t wait to shoot it and share it with you. 🙂

Soon I will be adding to a blog a page with all the restyles of my furs. I will upload before and after shots. You will find mink jackets with Danish mink skins, a white mink, a black mink with blackglama skins and much more. Each one more beautiful than the other, all a bit particular furs. Mink fur gilet matched with brocade with vintage orange lining by Pucci and fox borders.

I love mixing vintage linings by famous brands with particular materials that enhance the colour of the hair.

I have had a love/hate relationship with the fur laboratory that deals with the restyling of my furs. At first our conversations went like this:

The fur laboratory: Lady Fur you don’t understand anything! It can’t be done. It isn’t done! Not zips! No pockets! Material with a mink jacket and thick zip no….

Lady Fur: Don’t worry, everything is possible! (infinite patience)

After xanax drops, relaxing infusions and countless telephone calls to my grandmother who tried to reassure me, the labaratory finished the garments exactly as I wanted. I kept all the machinists and tailors stocked up with cakes and chocolate to keep them sweet: pity they don’t drink wine, it would have been easier.

Seeing the results of the restyling the laboratory now trusts me completely. Even too much seeing that every time there is a restyling to be done they call me but, alas, I don’t have enough time to take care of it. What a bore!

I will finish my chapter on restyling furs (sorry you know that I write off the cuff and sometimes I go on ) and finish the post telling you how my evening with this fur lover went. I will tell you the story that may be hard to believe.

After having taken the photos with the fur vest I went out with a boy: the evening went really badly but the outfit with the fur mink vest was a big success.

With my Mink vest dress with mink fur I was good to go and the evening should have been amazing.

He had been insistently asking me to go out for months. Messages, call upon call …

A Milanese guy passionate about fur skins. He showed up wearing a man’s shearling (and I really liked that) in fact I wrote a post on sheepskin click here. Very handsome, apparently intelligent, at dinner he made me laugh and everything was going well.

Until the bill came. A normal bill for a medium – high level restaurant in Milan. Consider that I don’t drink wine so it wasn’t even that high.

HE had chosen restaurant. HE had invited me.

But when the bill came he looked at me strangely. He made a noise like AH!. Then he looked at me and went: that’s xx euros …. each. (in a low voice but directly, like vacuum claener salesmen, those that sell door to door that after having listed all the optionals and benefits break the price to you softly softly putting the pen in your hand to sign)

I repeat. He invited me. He chose the restaurant. Etiquette dictates that who invites pays. Needless to say I am a woman and he was “courting” me. After having spent the evening telling me how much he earns, listing the furs he has in his wardrobe, he asked me to go Dutch? Are you kidding me? Is he mad? At that moment I looked at my outfit, my fur vest with Blackgama mink skins, that means top quality and I thought : This idiot does not deserve me wearing this, but being a polite person I paid without making any type of scene or showing how nervous, irritated or blown away I was.

We got in the car. He took me home. He got close to give me a kiss on the lips and I ducked. He understood something was up…

I went closing the door on him  =)

The following day he invited me to dinner again. I sent him a blunt message : I DON’T GO OUT WITH GUYS WHO MAKE ME PAY FOR MY DINNER!

He called me back but… IL EST FINI! THE END! NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE!

I had understood he was not the right guy for me. Not just because he had made me pay for the dinner but for the total lack of gallantry: I had also had to beg hime to pick me up at home because he wanted to meet me at the restaurant.

Certainly he will read this post AMEN he p***** me off too much ahahah, aprt from the fur he wore, the sheepskin inlaid with seal, REALLY COOL.

I am enthusiastic about publishing these photos. They depict the mood exactly, my mood in thse days. I am in a romantic phase. Milan is full of lights, the Christmas atmosphere is amgic. Even if I don’t have a fiance I feel in love and happy. Let’s say I am in a mystic phase.

Well, I hope that you like the photos with the mink gilet and that my story that finished badly made you laugh a little.

Photos: Ekateriana Igantova

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