Kastoria – a city rich of values and solid companies


Kastoria’s fur companies have a value that our society has lost totally.

I am in a taxi, going to the airport and I keep thinking of the love that this land so which with values has given me. I’m talking about Kastoria.

Here the fur business is passed on from generation to generation, but it’s not just business. As well as the art of making luxury fur, all the values that are now disappearing in our society are passed on. The main aim is not just the GOD OF MONEY, as is happening these days in Milan and in big cities, but it is FAMILY, the love that comes from being united and the strength that from this very union can make the whole company work.

It almost seems that their motto is “Big Family = Big team!”

And I can assure you that the companies of Kastoria are a real FORCE!

Unfortunately in our country, more and more families are flaking. Some young people, despite belonging to a family with its own business, prefer to follow their own dreams, maybe even moving abroad. Others put CAREER and SUCCESS before everything else!

Not them! Greeks in general, but Kastoria in particular, can boast a fur sector that is light years ahead.

The concept of LUXURY is staying UNITED TOGETHER: loving families = successful BRANDS.

lady_fur_kastoria_fur_fair_anniep fur_shoes_giannico_python-bag

And this is the connection with the fur sector and their strength.

The Greeks have big families that through their unity can pass on love for work to sons and grandchildren, encouraging them to constantly improve themselves to make their companies more solid and to grow well.

Their collections are splendid, a bit “old stlye” for my tastes, but the Old target still exists 🙂

Their work is quality. 90% of brands use Blackglama to create the most beautiful garments.

Really, every time I come here, I feel like I’m living in a fairy tale.

duck_kastoria_fur_fair lake_kastroia_fur_fair_welovefur_lady_fur





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