Chic China International Fashion Fair 2016

chic china international fashion exihibition

Chic China International Fashion Fair 2016 nominated me Ambassador for the next edition that will be held on 16-18 March in Shanghai in China

Chic China International Fashion Fair is the most important fashion fair in China: it’s not a fair dedicated just to fur but in particular to the fashion of the highest level. There are more than 1200 participating brands coming from twenty different countries.

One of the things I like most about fairs is the possibility to do research. Discover new brands, see the latest from each exhibitor, discover talents.

After Copenhagen, New York, Milan, Doha and Paris I will fly directly to Shanghai in China. Actually, I have already been to Shanghai with Kopenhagen Fur. Click here to see the post.

I will share with you the stylist’s collections, the gala evening, what will be a fantastic experience at the most important fair in China: Chic China International Fashion Fair.

Chic China International Fair some information that could interest you:

  • 100.000㎡ of space for the exhibitors
  • 125.000 visitors (of the sector)
  • 1200 brands  from 21 different countries
  • 653 journalists of which 300 are Asian

In a confusing moment like this, I think that research is fundamentally important. Shops that propose sought for products have the added value that makes the difference. There are many fashion fairs around the world but there are only a few that really work well and that are worth going to.  Chic China International Fashion Fair is one of these and I am really proud to be able to take part in this edition.


Li Yanrong – Sales Manager of Inter IKEA Centre Group (China) 

“Till now we have built an initial business cooperation intention with the brand Henney Bear and one shoe exhibitor brand at CHIC this time. Through talking with the brands, I got the feeling that most of them have a really big vision of their brands. Compared to the past, Chinese brands today pay more attention to long-time goals, such as brand image and quality. We do want to cooperate with these kinds of brands, because “to make life better for the public” is always our brand philosophy.”

Yao Zhihui – General Manager of Modern Mingshi International Trade Company

As a buyer, I am here to look for brands which are suitable and interesting for us. I am also ready to sign cooperation contracts on-site if we find the right ones. The brands which we already have in our multi-brand stores are mostly shoe brands, such as Modern Mingshi, Goldlion. This first CHIC autumn edition, to my surprise, is already able to gather many outstanding garment brands, which truly arouses my interest. At the same time, the topic of this CHIC edition – Smart Fashion, stands really for the future main trend of the garment market, at least for shoes, which I know a lot about.” 

Jiang Honghong – Vice General Manager of Mellen (China) Limited Company North China Operation Center

“We come to CHIC with two wishes, first, to carry out some market investigation by communicating with brands on-site; second, searching for good international brands and becoming their agent in China. And CHIC satisfies me quite well with its full-scale cover of 

Garment categories and also its huge exhibition scale. Among the brands, some of the menswear brands impressed me most. Our company is considering to sell fashion brands combined with shoes, in the form of multi-brand stores.”

Ma Mingqing – Director of the Comprehensive Department of the Chinese Nation Commercial Message Center:

“Chinese Nation Commercial Message Center has cooperated with China National Garment Association for many years to invite the large-scale department stores of China to visit CHIC. CHIC always fulfil its function very well in providing the trend information for retailers and promoting the brand’s cooperation. Most of the brands are quite satisfied with the success they achieved on the fair. The first CHIC Autumn, compared with CHIC Spring, outlines more the fashionable, trendy side of the apparel industry, and of course the new direction – smart fashion.”

Ji Xiaochen – Design Director of TRANSITION:

“First, I must say, I am quite impressed by the overall feeling of CHIC. Although it is a quite big fair, it stays well organized all the time. To online register me as a visitor was also not complicated at all. Second, the presence of many international pavilions is really valuable, since they show the international leading trends and technology to the Chinese market, which can inspire the inland’s brands very well.”


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