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sable vest lady fur christian ghielmetti

Sable vest: advice on how to wear it and photos

Sable vest worn with a pure cachemire coat-weight top is perfect for winter days like those we are living here in the north of Italy. It’s not really cold there is an average of 5 – 10 degrees.

Under 5 degrees it’s too cold. If you want to wear a sable vest like the one you see in the photo, I advise you to wear a wool or cachemire jumper, a leather, crocodile, pyhton or eel jacket under the sable vest.

Personally I usually wear the sable vest in the daytime with a very casual style: jeans, trousers or skirt with a wool jumper and in the evening, for an elegant dinner over a beautiful dress (or skirt) strictly long and high heels.

How much does a sable vest cost?

As I wrote in a previous post dedicated to my advice on how to buy a fur, it all depends on the quality of the skin and also on the brand. Read this post click here.

How to wear a fur vest? I wrote a long post with my tips about how to wear fur vest rich of photos click here

The sable that you see in the photo is by Christian Ghielmetti. I have worn his furs several times (a chincilla fur, a blue sable fur and a mink) in St Mortiz and in Milan.

I love Christian’s furs because they are very elegant and  chic as well as being made with certified skins of extreme quality. His furs are sold in luxury shops here in Milan and all over the world: Korea, China etc.

sable vest lady fur milan prada
Christian Ghielmetti Fur, Miu Miu sunglasses

milano cake

sable vest lady fur milan
Wearing Christian Ghielmetti Sable vest ,Passion Blanche Boots, Miu Miu sunglasses

milano sable vest photo sable vest

Roses from Rose e Fiori Milan
sable vest lady fur1
Arco della Pace Milan
sable vest lady fur
Arco della Pace Milan
christian ghielemtti sable vest
Lady Fur doing breakfast at Bar Duomo dal 1952

By the way, something about the roses you see in the photo:

Some days ago I wrote on Instagram: I dream of having a fiance who gives me red roses every day.

A Milanese florist Rose e Fiori, after having read my post, sent me a bunch of beautiful and perfumed red roses. What a beautiful surprise! They are the roses you see in the photo.

The sable vest is made with light brown barguzinsky sable made with the whole fur in Italy.

Hair: Belli Capelli my favourite hairdresser in Milan <3
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