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tosato fur

The Italian excellences are so many, and they are such an infinitely exciting resource to discover, story after story.

Today I’d love to introduce you Tosato1928, a company that manages to perfectly combine the knowledge of raw materials with incredible creativity and impeccable craftsmanship skills.

For nearly 100 years, this company has been providing Italian women with elegance and timeless charm, as well as the fashion lovers from all over the world. Milan, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Tokyo and Moscow: their style has no boundaries.

Styles, colours and manufacturing skills belong to the long list of “unique talents” that contribute to making the creations of this brand fully recognizable.

In addition to that, I would like to underline the extraordinary skills and competencies that characterize the production of Tosato1928: in their collections, the season’s trends are wisely mixed thanks to the unique and highly personal abilities of their artisans, which create wonderful garments every day.

Technical know-how and passion are combined with other core business values of the band (and that really make the difference!): reliability and integrity. Nature and the environment have always been a priority for Tosato1928. And I believe that a company whose daily life is guided by values of this kind will go just far.

Fur making” means many things. It all starts with a careful selection of the skins that will be put into production, to finally go through creative thinking and the choice of a “main inspiration”, the search for the concept that will guide the hand of who will give life to the finished garment.

It is all about an idea. An idea, and the ability of those who can transform it into something unique and precious, and that we cannot wait to wear once seen in a shop window.

Hands that cut, sew, intertwine, modify and make perfect what, tomorrow, you will see in a shop window or exposed in a beautiful showroom.

I always get excited about real talents, and I always get excited to translate this excitement into words, sharing the feelings that arise from the sight of a garment made with so much care, passion, love and wisdom.

Tosato 1928 on Vogue please find here

Samantha De Reviziis

Photos: Matteo Volta



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