Super creative parkas by Mr&Mrs Italy

fur parka mr and mrs fur italy

Mr & Mrs Italy’s fur parkas are a true journey through colour, passion and the cosmopolitan spirit that the company’s founders have been able to inject into a product that is challenging the concepts of simplicity and quality like few others.

The secrets of this brand born in Romagna, and that in a few years has become synonymous with fashion parka and unconventional luxury, are all here: inside these inner fur jackets realized by skilled craftsmen but conceived by creative minds able to give birth to extraordinary objects of the desire. A 100% Italian DNA, transferred into an extremely versatile aesthetic taste that is perfect to be translated into outerwear that is sought after not only in Italy but even everywhere in the world.

Over the years I have learned to love all the new shapes and identities of the parka, this former casual and sports garment born as a “pure comfort” garment but that has evolved so much that it has become the object of the desire of many fashion lovers from all continents, being immortalized also in street style shots during the Winter fashion weeks. I have been wearing one myself during a past New York Fashion Week (you can read the post here).

But now that I have discovered this company I cannot wait to fill my wardrobe with a lot of their thousand-coloured fur parkas! Practicality and aesthetics are not always a winning combo and they are not always able to deliver truly amazing and convincing garments – but Mr & Mrs Italy tried, managed and succeeded.

Matteo and I wore their products during our stay in Vigilius.

Theirs are incredibly comfortable jackets and with an amazing design.

We loved them right away.

It’s like walking into a hug.

In addition to that, into each collection new designs are added and the inspiration of the brand seems to never run out!

I look at their jackets and I think that maybe they are even more beautiful to be simply looked at, hanging there in the closet, rather than being worn. Collectable pieces!

Materials, shapes, research and creative ideas that also come from the art world, not just from fashion. If you look always and only in your own context, there is no way to make real innovation.

By repeating yourself, you risk getting stuck in things you have already done while you need to push the creative limits always a little further.

My style tips for wearing Mr & Mrs Italy parka are 3 keywords: personality, fantasy, uniqueness.

There is not only one way, or a better way to wear a fur parka. There is mine, yours, theirs.

I really like both breaking the “rules” of practicality intrinsic to this type of jacket by combining a pair of leather pants and super-feminine shoes, but I also love to make it the “never without” item of my Winter season, that style detail that speaks a sporty language if worn with jeans and a cashmere sweater, or that dares to think big when hiding a couture dress. Why not?

In short, do not limit your imagination! Try try try. It’s the best way to find out that you have not just made a shopping purchase, but a real investment for yourself. And I assure you that Mr & Mrs Italy will not disappoint you.

It’s nice, moreover, to see an Italian company taking giant steps in such a short time. Browsing photos of bloggers, fashion lovers and people in the industry who discover and adopt garments made by innovative and brave brands.

I’m sure that if you decide to try one of these jackets, you will not want to leave it there in the store but you’ll be looking forward to always having it with you!


Photos: Matteo Volta


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