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Parka fur Via Cappella photos of Lady Fur during NYFW and her advice on how to wear it

Parka fur New York 2016. I shot these photos during New York Fashion Week 2016 and luckily the cold wasn’t as intense as last year (too see the previous posts click here). At Fashion Week there are those who go for business (meetings, shows, showrooms, fairs etc) and those who instead go for shows / pictures, to be photographed and so need a captivating look. I went to New York Fashion week for both reasons. On the days when I had meetings, appointments etc and I wanted to be comfortable but elegant I wore the parka with fur by Via Cappella.

On the days when I wanted to be photographed I wore more captivating outfits (if you look at this post I am wearing an ankle length fox fur always by Via Cappella)parka_fur_photo_9

How to wear a Parka fur?

The parka is not a jacket that follows the lines of the body so it isn’t very sexy. Know that I always want to highlight my feminility: my advice is to wear it over tight fitting clothing.

In the photos I am wearing a parka bordered with finnracoon fur with a very tight polo neck jumper, second skin style and high-waisted Levis.

I would have liked to wear a skin coloured body instead of the polo neck but I left it in Milan =(.

For women with a rock soul I advise wearing the parka with fur with a very thick cachemire jumper, even xxl, very long, fine wool fishnet tights and knee length boots.

For elegant and refined women I advise wearing the parka with fur with a wrap jumper in wool or cachemire, soft, high-waisted jeans or trousers in wool and Repetto pumps of this colour.parka_fur_photo_1 parka_fur_photo_2 parka_fur_photo_3 parka_fur_photo_4 parka_fur_photo_5 parka_fur_photo_6 parka_fur_photo_7 parka_fur_photo_8

How much does a parka with fur cost?

The parka costs not too much even if the quality super excellent the skins are of extremely high quality and come from Nafa. The brand Via Cappella is a Russian brand loved not only by conationals but also by Italians, French, Chinese, and high class Americans.

I bought myself a Parka and it was one of the best investments I could make.

I am writing this post on the airplane coming back to Milan from Doha and I’m warpped in my parka <3

I hope you will like the photos of parka with fur


Parka fur: Via Cappella

Jeans: Levis

Shoes: Strategia

Photo Maud Frisenfeldt

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