Poncho with fur

poncho with fur

Poncho with fur tips about how to wear it and when by Lady Fur

Poncho with fur. Personally, I have always worn ponchos within autumn just jeans and pumps (that I call piperine) or skirt and boots. For a few months instead, I have worn a poncho at fairs. All fairs.

As you will have noticed I take part in many fairs (Mifur, Tranoi, White, Kastoria, Fur Excellence in Athens, Chic…) in the photos I am in Copenhagen at the CIFF fair, one of the best working Fashion Fairs in Europe. The first time I was invited to visit this fair by Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur to see the new (amazing) collection of fur bags. Clothing at fairs has always been a problem for me: if I walk I am hot but if I stay still I am cold because the air conditioning is always very strong. So I start p****ing of the photographer: please can you hold my ice? Please give me back the ice. And so on…



The solution is the fur bordered wool poncho.

Instead of wearing a jacket that is bulky and heavy, I wear light, comfortable, poncho. When I am cold I wrap it around me like a jumper, when I am hot I hang it on my shoulders.

The poncho you see in the photo is by Bruno Carlo from 1970. This brand should sound familiar, I did a post about leather gloves, in Doha click here and in Milan click here.

Ponchos are also very feminine if worn gracefully. I am crazy about the hood of the poncho with fur by Bruno Carlo, it’s huge as I like it and the fur is generous. It’s not a small border but a BIG FUR BORDER. =)

poncho with fur
Bag Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur

poncho with fur bruno carlo poncho with fur bruno carlo

How much does a poncho cost?

Fortunately, a poncho with fur doesn’t cost a lot. It has a smart price despite the fact that the quality is very high.

Where can you buy a poncho?

You can find the poncho with fur on the Bruno Carlo site they have a really cool online shop.

Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur booth at CIFF
Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur


Lady Fur and Bruno Carlo at Mifur

Speaking of fairs and Bruno Carlo, if you have been following my blog you will know that I am the BRAND AMBASSADOR for the next edition of Mifune in a few days. Read this post. Bruno Carlo will also take part in Mifur: in case you pop by the fair, come and meet them and myself, we will have stands near each other =)

In the photos, I am wearing a bag by Oh! By Kopanhagen Fur from the new collection. Isn’t it cool? I love it. You can find it in their online

shop clicking here.

Soon I will do a post dedicated to Oh! FOLLOW ME.

Don’t miss all post did in Copenhagen

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Photos: Jana Anhalt

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