Energy comes from fur

Good Morning,

How are you fur lovers?

Do you like my new photos?

Although from the photos it doesn’t seem, during this period I am very tired. Thanks to God, photoshop exists! Ahahah.

fur_coat_blogger_love_furs_fox_blogging_photo_fur_web we_love-fur_coat_fox_lady_fur_blogger lady_fur_is_a_fur_blogger_fur_fox

In stressful moments the only thing that make me feel better and that give me a positive energy is fur.

When I hug, touch or caress my fur coats, I suddenly feel protected, loved, and cuddled. I am working without rest from years to make my fur dreams come true.

I often feel alone, especially in the last days.

Thanks for all the support you are giving to me an for being so close to me. I wish you a wonderful day in fur!

Miao Miao

Lady Fur

Photos: Gioacchino Jelmini

Post production: Andrea Oggiano

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