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I love my blog Welovefur. I created it from scratch three years ago, and today it is the point of reference for many fur, fashionand…

poncho with fur

Poncho with fur


Poncho with fur tips about how to wear it and when by Lady Fur Poncho with fur.Personally I have always worn ponchos with in…

dress with fur lady fur

Dress with fur


Dress with fur for a special evening or for every day Dress with fur, at first sight it could seem difficult to wear, a…

fur with hood lady fur copenhagen

Fur with hood


Fur with hood how to wear it?  Find all Lady Fur tips Fur with hood. Match a black mink fur with hood like the one you…

pretty woman fur coat lady fur copenhagen fashion week

Pretty Woman Style


Pretty Woman Style at the Copenhagen Fashion Week Pretty Woman Style. The outfit I am wearing in the photos reminds me of one of…

Bye Bye Holiday


In my home/ office I don’t have air conditioning. I’m working in my underwear (practically naked) sitting on the chair in lynx fur, stuck…