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Dress with fur for a special evening or for every day

Dress with fur, at first sight it could seem difficult to wear, a piece that you can wear once and never again, but it’s not the case. This wool and real fur dress was designed by  Kim Felecia and I can assure you that it’s one of those outfits that can be worn several times and on different occasions.

Kim Felecia is one of the designers of Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur, a very cool Danish brand I have already talked to you about many times. The dress was made during the workshop with Imagine Talents in 2015. I also made a video of Imagine talents (to see it click here) and I had the pleasure of interviewing this stylist (to read the interview click here).

How to wear the dress with fur

Here then are my tips on how to wear the dress with fur. I have written just three even if I have thousands of other ideas.

For a sober everyday look I would advise wearing it with patent ankle boots, like these by  Dior (here is an example).

If you prefer to be comfortable I would advise wearing the dress with fur with silver or black ballet shoes. Ballet shoes by Repetto are my favourite and are coming back into fashion. If you opt for the silver paperina my advice is to match a shawl of the same colour.

If instead it is a particular occasion and you want to stand out, well I advise you to wear the dress with Pretty Woman boots like the Strategia ones.

Strategia is an expanding Italian brand of shoes, to see the site click here.

The dress unfortuantely is a sample, it’s not on sale, if it were I would have bought it. When I saw it for the first time in 2015 it was love at first sight: I immediately asked to be able to wear it for videos etc but it wasn’t yet available, I had to court it for a year….

The dress with fur has been worked in a very particular way: practically the wool is weaved into the shaved mink fur  fox and it was done by Kick by Kopenhagen Fur the Design Center where every year the masters of fur experiment and develop new techniques that are then used by the great stylists of the Fashion Houses in their future collections.

I also wore this dress in the video of Copenhagen Fashion Week of made for ELLE Italy. I looking forward to it being published.

Kick by Kopenhagen Fur kindly lent me the dress again so I can wear it at Paris Fashion Week. (I will have to skip Milan because I will be in Doha again for the Jewellery and Watches Exhibition, the most important luxury fur in the world.

In the photo I am at Kick by Kopenhagen Fur in the Director’s office. To see all the posts done by Kick click here

To have more information on Kick click here

dress with fur details
Luxury bracelet SHIRA by Shira Gaffari in gold and diamonds OPERA Italian Attitude
kick kopnhagen fur
Kick by Kopenhagen Fur
lady fur dress with fur
Lady Fur wearing Kim Felicia Dress in real fur mink and fox
kick kopnhagen fur
Fur forniture design at Kick
boots strategia shoes
Strategia Shoes
kick kopnhagen fur
detail dress with fur lady fur
Details of Kim Felecia dress with fur mink and fox
kick kopnhagen fur
Beautiful Copenhagen

dress with fur lady furkick kopnhagen furkick kopnhagen fur

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You can also read the post of my first day in Copenhagen when I wore a mink fur completely inlaid with jewels by Vladimiro Gioia

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Photo: Jana Anhalt (site)

Boots: Strategia

Location Kick Deign studio by Koepnhagen Fur in Copenhagen

Dress: Kim Felecia (ex student of Imagine Talents 2015 and designer of Oh! By Kopenhagen Fur)


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