Mifur fur fair and Lady Fur

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Mifur fur fair 2-5 March 2016 and Lady Fur

Mifur fur fair and Lady Fur – does it sound good? To my ears it sounds great. I am very very happy to announce my collaboration with Mifur the international fur and leather fair held in Italy.

I am writing this post EXCITED, HAPPY, CONTENT, ENTHUSIASTIC – I can’t find the right words to describe my mood. What I know is that I have really WORKED for this collaboration, in the real sense of the word. I have been going to Mifur fur fair for five years now, maybe more. I have been a visitor, as exhibitor when presenting my collection, as an exhibitor with the stand of my blog, as a buyer, but my objective, for three years (since I opened the blog) has been to go there with a special project. I have always dreamt of promoting Mifur to my followers on my blog.

Like when you make a list of objectives, a dream list, a list of things that you would like to do, the places you would like to visit. Well, Mifur fur fair was always in first place on my list. After three years

YUPPY! I made it. 🙂

This year Mifur and I, Lady Fur,  will do an INNOVATIVE project, oriented to the future and to the promotion of this incredible fair.

Mifur fur fair will be held in  Milan, in Rho, from the 2nd to the 5th of  March, Pavillions 8 and 12.

This year I will have a stand all for myself or rather for my BLOG. The stand will be colourful, full of gigantic balloons, I will project my videos, we will give out branded gifts from my blog to the exhibitors

(I won’t tell you what kind) and much more.

I will do a video of the fair, of the gala evening and of my whole experience. I will interview exhibitors, organizers and designers.

Mifur fur fair is not only a FUR SHOW. I mean that Mifur is in Italy in Milan is the fashion capital and is the only fair held in a real fashion capital. As if that weren’t enough it is also the same period of the shows when there is the buzz of journalists and buyers coming from all over the world. Mifur is strong for its HISTORY (it has been active for more than 20 years), for its EXHIBITORS (Greeks, Russians, Americans) and for the Gala evening where the excellences of Italian fur are shown.

Follow the Facebook page of Mifur that will soon be full of photos and news. If you want to visit Mifur click here.

Read all posts did at Mifur fur fair click here


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