Lady Fur brand of fur and luxury, thought for women that want to feel young and slim.

YES, finally I am able to communicate it. Last year I had presented a mini capsule collection, articulated from my creativity, not thinking about the sales, but only about the ways of communication.

Shortly soon after the presentation of the collection, I was a bit demoralized as I knew that if I would like to make atrue collection, meaning 40/50 outfits, I would have to find the time in which I could focalize on this big project.

The blog, which today has become plural therefore, “blogs”, were using up all of my time, effort, and had led me to sacrifice many things. There was a moment in which I thought to give up my first and big dream. This big dream was to create outfits for girls and women that want to feel young, that love to wear luxurious garments that allow them to convey being unique and different from the masses.

I worked, worked, and worked wiring like a train without ever stopping, not even for a day of holiday, evening, night, Saturdays or Sundays, all in search of making my big dream happen.

My site: that is a startup with all of its effects, only today after a year of activity has it permitted me to cover all of the costs. However, it still does not succeed in covering the costs of my collection. A bit more than a year of activity, but fortunately I have succeeded to bring my company in full autonomy.

I invested in my collection with everything that I had, as well as with what I did not have.

I have been extremely lucky. I have met people that have had faith in me and that have helped me. All of this just to tell you all that in a few days, I will be sharing the collection on my site. I am happy and emotional: every time that I see a garment finished, I am not able to sleep during the night due to being overcome with pure joy.

This collection is like a daughter for me.

I am not describing it because I want to ruin the surprise.. I am only sharing some photos snapped with my phone.

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Lady Fur


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