The Auction of the Century: Saga Furs

In the world of fur, the scenery is changing. Before the broker had to fly across the world to go and buy skins from Saga Furs, Fur Harvester and American Legend Blackglama. Now, they can do all of their purchases in one single place, at one single auction: SAGA FURS.

In fact, Saga Furs recently hosted Fur Harvesters and American Legend to make the auction of the century: two weeks, fourteen long days, many unique products that are completely different from one another, buyers from around the world came filled with lots of adrenaline and curiosityI had the pleasure of interviewing the CEO’s of all of these auction houses. I found them to be optimistic and secure of the strategic union and of their products that are of the upmost quality. I confronted this with the brokers, as well as their expressed positivity and joy for no longer having to travel excessively and to have the opportunity to purchase everything in a unique auction in one shot.

My experience was surely one that was highly informative. I was able to absorb a lot of information about the mutations of foxes and the finest fur that are the most desired by fashion designers. A limited number of skins, but very particular, with unique hair shades, that are shiny and beyond soft. This year, Saga Furs introduced a brand new type of fox, they have not given a name yet to this species, but we are all eager to know it.

From my personal point of view, I cannot hide how much I love to feel as an integrated part of the auction industry that involves a great number of categories. The breeders who are wonderful people that succeed to manifest the love for their work with their very own eyes, and the brokers who supply the business by a sound of numbers, not to mention the auction team that is composed of many people and groups: the head of marketing, to the quality of fur, to the auctioneer. Yes, because the auctions make the laws, this is not only from an economic point of view, but also from one of style. My answer: NONE.

Why? Because the skins of these auction houses such as the foxes from Saga Furs that inspire not only me, but others designers as well, as well as the new techniques that are proposed every year by the Design Centre of Saga Furs. All of this is truly inspiring…

To few, we think… however, from my point of view, even the farmers are part of the world of artists and designers. Every year they try to create new color combinations, studying the family tree of a specific type of fox for one to mate with another, and continue to monitor closely the progress of the hair with a meticulous attention to every tiny detail. Their ultimate goal: to create a new bright colour that is soft and interesting for designers.

I will never be able to finish thanking Saga Furs for giving me the opportunity to have this wonderful experience.

Next week I will publish the video about the mutations of foxes.

Lady Fur

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