Polyvore Fur Set from Lady Fur followers

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Plover fur set. What is Polyvore how it works? What Lady Fur and her followers are doing on P social networks dedicated to fashion

Dear fur lovers as you saw on Lady Fur social networks recently Lady Fur has been sharing many Polyvore sets with a lot of furs.

Polyvore is the fashion social networks par excellence.

On Polyvore Lady Fur is pretty new, she subscribed 4 years ago but she started to create sets with furs just 2 weeks ago.

As a fur influencer she is getting popular and some members of polyvore noticed her presence and created some cool set with her images.

Lady Fur and the welovefur team want to say thank you a million for this beautiful set

Thank you for taking Lady Fur as Inspiration

Polyvore members interview

One of the sets we like most is made by Katia and we also interviewed her =)

Do you like fur?

Sure, I do like it! It makes me feel warm and cozy. Unfortunately, I don’t have many fur items in my closet, but those that I do have, I adore!

Where are you form?

I’m from Russia 🙂

Why do you like Polyvore?

I like polyvore because here I can express my style, be creative. Here I can combine so many things, try so many different styles. It’s just a heaven for creative people!

What do you do in your life?

As I’m a student, I’m doing my best to get my degree in linguistics. But apart from that  I translate books and teach English to small children.

She made this beautiful Polyvore set for Lady Fur


Get to Know Lady Fur! (See D)

Another real cool set on Polyvore is made by Naranjita

Naranjita nicknamed Petitorange (such a  sweet nickname) she is a style icon of Polyvore she did the fur set that you see below.

Of Naranjita I love her super elegant set and the items collection I could spend hours and hours looking at what she collects =)

Lady Fur ♥

Eleonora from Russia did this amazing mood board of me in Monte carlo on Polyvore she is SUPER POPULAR thank you again

Front row: Monte Carlo

Prugna Morfa, Italian talented Thank you very much

Lady Fur

If you want to follow Lady Fur on Polyvore you can click here and find her set rich of furs, and the items that she likes most. Actually on Polyvore as on the web Lady Fur is the only one that is sharing many moodboard with furs.

She has also opened a FUR GRUP for people with her same passion. Please join it.


Welovefur team

Lady Fur logo


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