Imagine Talents 2017 Shanghai

Imagine Talents 2017 the show of the young talents of  Kopenhagen Fur 

Imagine Talents 2017 the video and the show of the young talents of Kopenhagen Fur 

Imagine Talents is the dream of many students. Imagine Talents by Kopenhagen Fur allows young students of fashion design to participate in Copenhagen in a workshop of the Design Studio of Kopenhagen Fur. A workshop dedicated to study and to working fur skins conducted by the best furriers of the world using the highest quality skins found on the market.  

As you know I have collaborated with Kopenhagen Fur for years. Everything I know about the fur sector I learned from what I love to call the “Mother of fur” Kopenhagen Fur, the biggest auction house in the world  (click here to see the video made by me that regards this auction house). Kopenhagen Fur  not only supplies furs to fashion brands like MaxMara, Prada, Fendi, Gucci but its Design Studio, that until a week ago was called Kick, inspires many fashion designers but above all spawns new techniques for working with fur skins.

Imagine Talents started three years ago. At first the students were chosen in the fashion capitals like Korea, New York, London , Japan, Shanghai and the shows took place in Copenhagen. I have talked about my first experience of Imagine Talents in three posts.

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For about two years Kopenhagen Fur has chosen to show the designers in Shanghai, during Shanghai Fashion Week.

To see the passed videos:

Imagine Talents 2015 (My favourite )

Imagine Talents 2016 (that I particularly loved because it was very artistic and connected to the history of Denmark and Vikings)

Imagine Talents 2016 (that was a big hit with Italian fashion magazines. In fact we published also on Elle Italia)

Imagine Talents 2017 closed the Shanghai Fashion Week with an incredibly inspirational show. 

Interview of Jesper Lauge Commercial Director Sales & Marketing of Kopenahgen Fur:

Jesper Lauge pointed out during the interview that the objective of this workshop and of the show is to make the new generation aware of the infinite possibilities of fur skin techniques. 

Fur skin is an extremely ductile material that allows designers to express their creativity at 100%.

Differently from a simple textile, with fur skin you really can do anything. You can lengthen it, shorten it, inlay it, colour it, shave it, lacerate it, do 3D techniques, reuse it and much more. 

The young students created coloured garments mixing several types of furs like mink, seal, rabbit, fox and created new techniques that will inspire many other designers. Their creations are not for sale precisely because Kopenhagen Fur really cares about allowing the young students to express their creativity without any limits

In fact the garments are then put in the Kopenhagen Fur Studio archive that is used by great designers of fashion houses for research, by journalists, stylists, schools etc..

Imagine Talents 2017 my personal experience 

On my arrival in Shanghai, after a 12 hour journey I went down to the Ritz Carlton, got changed and went out.

If I look tired in the video it’s because I didn’t have even ten minutes to rest. 

The show took place in the same place where the big brand shows of the Shanghai Fashion Week are held. I arrived a couple of hours early to shoot the photos of the backstage of the show with my photographer Matteo, and to meet the designers and the Kopenhagen Fur team.

Here below are the Backstage photos of Imagine Talents 2017 

Photos of the details of the furs in the show. 

The show was a real fashion catwalk show. It started with the performance of a Chinese singer presented by an influencer and actor Peter and then the furs of the designers. 

Among the guests there were many journalists and celebrities.

At the end of the show I went to the after party and celebrated all night with Kopenhagen Fur. 

It was a beautiful experience and I really hope this video puts across what I saw. 


Lady Fur

Imagine Talents 2017 Backstage photos

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