Milan Men’s Fashion Week Taaaccccc

Finally I’m back, here I am.

I went to Milan and all sorts happened!
I arrive at the central station right smack in the middle of the taxi strike. Taking the underground with an enormous suitcase is unthinkable…I ponder for a minute and then suddenly I get one of my brilliant ideas. I go up to a taxi driver and tell him that I have just had breast surgery and consequently can’t lift weights… I have tears in my eyes, from the cold but he doesn’t know that,  and so he loads me into the car and takes me where I want to go.
As I enter my house, no less than four bulbs burn out one after the other and I discover that the internet connection is down. There is nothing I can do but put up with this nightmare for my entire stay in Milan.
And the adventure continues…
First day of Men’s fashion week. I’m wearing my beautiful platform Jeffrey Campbell Subee shoes anxiously awaited for three whole weeks from Solestruck: I arrive at the Dolce and Gabbana show and taaaac, the wedge comes off! I run home to change my shoes and miss the show!!!
After having lived four days on the highest heels, last night, I decide to go to Pink for the long awaited event I have spoken to you about in the last few days (click here). Super cool event ‘TOP’.
Shame that when it is time to leave the taxi strike has started again, the breast surgery excuse  doesn’t hold up any more.. and I find myself at night, on foot, in the cold taking the underground in the direction of Cadorna followed by another train to Domodossola ( the stop nearest to my house). Yeah, but the train to Malpensa ( taken on the recommendation of a young chap I had asked for directions ) doesn’t stop at Domodossola! Panicking I get off again with my friend Val Moro, we wait again and get on another train, this time the right train, that finally takes me home.
This morning, I left early to return to Montecarlo: No taxis so I dress comfortably and take the underground dragging my huge suitcase behind me.
No make up, dazed from the cold of the night before, dressed nearly ready for the gym, who do I meet? One of my very sexy colleagues!!! Oh yes it’s always the way. If you are dressed in the latest fashions, made up, hair done you are sure to meet the village idiot, when you are going around like a tramp taaac you meet HIM who looks at you bewildered with an expression that’s like ‘Oh my God, what a state you’re in !!!’
Well, the tale of my Milanese misadventures ends here: from tomorrow I will start to post all the cool things I saw:
Because the menswear shows were marvelous, the stylists used loads of furs, the ladies present were wearing some beautiful ones.. and even the leather accessories were remarkable. Until tomorrow.
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