Furbazaar experience in Hedensted

The summary of Lady Fur’s experience in Hedensted at Furbazaar a new fur web startup

I was in Denmark, not in Copenhagen, this time, but in the west of the Kingdom, in Hedensted in the country side, to know the online store of furs’ largest in Europe founded by a young team. I’m talking about  Furbazaar

Four young entrepreneurs, average age under thirty, one more beautiful than the other, not long ago, precisely in May of this year, combined with a strong passion for fur and the web, decided to open the shop-online FURBAZAAR with the ‘aim of making it the largest in the world and selling more brand collections of quality furs worldwide. Also thanks to the strength of the brand and the Danish Fur Kopenahgen Nature Collection in a few months Furbazaar became the largest in Europe and the most loved by fur lovers.

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Let me tell you my experience with Furbazaar


Accustomed to working in the fur industry where the average age is between 50 and 60 I left Milan with a trace of makeup and without having done my hair, thinking of meeting at the airport a taxi or a man of that age !! But no! At the airport waiting for me there were two of the founders of the Online fur shop, too “BEAUTIFUL”. Arrived at the hotel in five minutes I made myself up and prepared for dinner.


I had a dream weekend at a  gorgeous Hotel spa, the Comwell Kellers Park, located in the middle of nature. The rooms were luxuriously furnished and the breakfast was not far behind.

Soon I will dedicate a post to the section TRAVEL TIPS


Indeed, dinners, we have eaten in the best restaurants of Denmark, treated like a princess =) I will share the photos. (Stay tuned)

The first one was fantastic, although I was nervous at the thought of not having anything to talk about, everything went smoothly. We chatted all night …. a passion for fur and the web that we have in common immediately made us tie <3. Lasse, Søren, Daniel and Patrick are the founders of the web fur startup and they have very different roles: there are those who travel and those who keep accounts, who is in charge of communication and those of the staff.

It’s ‘great to see young guys so passionate and working together for one big dream. And then the fur, you know? It ‘s rare to encounter young people in this sector=)


The head office FURBAZAAR would be a dream for any kind of FUR LOVERS hut minimal, modern, Nordic style, with fur furniture, some animal heads on the wall and then blanket with fur, sheepskin rugs,  mink and leather gloves, fur vests,  wool sweaters and rex rabbit, fox,  in short, a dream. Near the site of FURBAZAAR there are mink farms, farms with horses and other animals, trees, meadows … a beautiful place surrounded by nature.

Their collections, full of fur skins quality natural colors is beautiful and one for home decor minimalist, rich fur blankets, rugs and sheepskin accessories is not far behind. I also spotted a gorgeous sheepskin rug that I wanted to put on a chair at home: no sooner had I expressed my thoughts than it was given to me.

The passion and effort they put into their work is so strong that, back in Milan, I was so full of positive energy to take to work.  In the next post I will share more photos of the office Furbazaar and their products.


Then the guys took me to visit the farm Tage Pedersen Chairman of Kopenhagen Fur, a mink ranch which is always open to the public.

Breeding is great, the animals grow in harmony and are well fed. My followers and the people who follow me if you are planning a trip to Denmark are urged to visit the mink farm.

I know it is not pleasant to see animals kept in cages but I assure you it is more striking to see dogs and cats in cages of pet stores than mink on a farm like this.

Here they grow mink in cages from birth and are fed with  FRESH food, much fresher than that commonly consumed by humans. I also visited the great company that prepares food for mink. Believe me: the power supply is made up of fillet of salmon, herring, top quality meat, fruit and vegetables. Meat and fish are fresh and frozen immediately administered twice daily to the animals. But I will explain more in future posts.

Stay Tuned

Lady Fur

Soon new photos with Furbazaar team <3

Don’t miss all my experience at Kopenhagen Fur

Watch Lady Fur video at Mink Farm 


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