Furby Boom May Boo in Beijing

My Furby Boom‘s name is May Boo

As you will have noticed from my photos on Instagram and on the blog lately, during my travels, I take with me the adorable Furby Boom, the coolest toy of the moment from Hasbro.

In fact it also came with me to Beijing, for China Fashion Week. It was too funny: in the airplane it wouldn’t stop talking and singing: luckily the Chinese passengers found it attractive, not annoying =)

Naturally I immediately downloaded the Furby Boom App, the application, I downloaded my furby, gave it a name, I called it May-Boo =), I took care of it, washed it and fed it, I played with it at least three times a day, then I collected the eggs and helped Furby to hatch them. In this way I had loads of Furblings and I made them play together.

I even won the golden egg! Only who has Furby Boom can understand what I am writing.

I was really impressed by the number of fans that Furby has on social networks in particular on Instagram: there must be at least 20 accounts with thousands of fans.

We also created a Furby Boom Video that talks about my experience and that of Davide Micciulla in China with our little animals.

Some of you will be asking yourselves what Furby Boom has got to do with my blog dedicated to the luxury and fur life style, but the blog speaks mainly about me. Games, manga, cartoons, apps, puppets, dolls, cards… all these things are part of me, of my life, so you can expect other posts like this. And then, how can you not love Furby?


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