Ashi studio in Paris: Feeling like a princess

In Paris I had the big honor of meeting Ashi the founder of his brand. Ahi Studio.

I wore one of his beautiful dresses of extreme elegance and sensuality.

Ashi launched his brand in 2007.

The designer was born in 1980. After a degree in marketing, he started attending a fashion school Esmod.

Franca Sozzani immediately recognized his talent and defined his collections ART TO WEAR.

The dresses of Ashi Studio are rich embroidery and feathers, fabrics are delicate.

The shapes are round, flouncy rouches skirts with crinoline reminiscent of the high aristocracy.

The collections of Ashi have a timeless elegance and no season.

The predominant color is white, all shades of white. The designer has defined the NEW BLACK is WHITE.

Some of his dresses look like pure light, shinig. Other colors used in his collections are classic colors, neurti, sensual.

The clothes of Ashi are handcrafted loved by European and international princesses and aristrocracy.

Some of his clothes seem pure light, they shone. Other colors used in his collections are the classic colors, neutral and sensual.

Ashi’s garments are crafts we would like , loved by princesses and European and international aristocracy.

photo ashi studio paris lady fur


Ashi Studio in Paris

Look :

Ashi studio dress

Photo : Umberto Gorra

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