Video Lady Fur at Kopenhagen Fur Auction House

Kopenhagen Fur my first video at the biggest auction house 

Kopenhagen Fur| I am glad to share with you lady fur at Kopenhagen Fur Auction House.

This video is just a short summary of all the exciting things that happened last week (for obvious reason I had to cut some parts).

As most of you already know I have studied at Kopenhagen Fur Auction House sorting) and going back there has been an incredible emotion.

After a while I met many of my old classmates working in the fur business and I also met again lovely Shila (mother of all the students there) my ex-professor with many many years of experience in the auction world.

The first thing I wanted to see was the famous Moondust (the new mink by Kopenhagen Fur) . Here you can find the post I wrote about that.

A lot of people think that mink has to be brown but  Kopenhagen Furoffers many different kind of colors.

There are minks for every taste: palomino,  black cross, blue iris, jaguar, pastel, mahogany, sapphire, silverblue,stardust,violet,winterblue, white, and many many others.

In the video I have tried to show you all the kind of minks but also all the other kinds of skins sold by Kopenhagen Fur such as Danish chinchilla that is the most beautiful in the world.

I spent the first days in the Kick deisgn studio, a beautiful building in the heart of the city, where people work constantely to improve new manufacturings and I had the pleasure to meet some students in the middle of their creativity process.

I am very attached to the middle floor where there are the offices and the room of the manifacturing samples.

There is also a room dedicated to the last Kopenhagen Fur collection and a long coridor where they keep some accessories made in fur such as a crown and a owl.

But the most amazing room was the Archive downstairs.

I spent there a lot of time and  I was never tired of it. Just try to imagine a very huge room where every single object is made of fur: forniture in fur, cutlery in fur, lingerie in fur and all the past collections! Fur, fur and fur….

The dresses I am wearing such as the white one in organdie and fox-fur are made by Kopenhagen Fur .

In the next days I took part to a party inside the auction and it wasn’t just a party, it was aKaraoke party where everyone was invited to perform.

Ditte (marketing Manager) and  Tobias (web editor) sang in English and we had also some performances inChinese by some brokers and clients.

As a pro, Roberto Scarpella ( President of Italian Fur Assosiation) played  guitar the entire evening and it was a pleasure to listen to him.

We were all there singing and laughing as one big family becuse the fur fashion world is a family

Then I was there also during the auction days and with real pleasure I had the chance to interview  the woman who got the TOP LOT (the video is coming soon) and other important people in the Kopenhagen Furas  Ditte, marketing manager and Lone quality manager. With passion and patience they showed me many kinds of quality and colors of minks.

The prices of mink grown by 6% and the auction was a success. The bill is 3 billions DKK : the fur market is growing day bay day, it is a fact.

The prices of mink grown by 6% and the auction was a success

With no doubt this experience was not just amazing itself but very very formative!

Don’t you think this is all because great news are coming soon!



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