Fox fur collar

Fox fur collar: hot topic among my followers who often write:

I have blonde hair what color fox fur collar should I buy? Is black best? How much does a silvery fox fur cost? I have inherited a full skin fox collar what can I do with it?

I admit I love fur collars, above all fox fur collars and recently I have shot lots of photos wearing full skin fur collars, so I will tell you everything I know about the fox collar.

How do you wear a fox collar?

If you want to know how to wear it, follow my suggestions!

The black fox fur collar looks good with blonde but I am not crazy about it on red.

The white fox fur collar looks great on black, brown and red hair. White goes well with everything. Personally I love seeing inlays in white fur matched with other natural colors.

If you love fox, I advise taking a natural color fox skin, even better if it is a muted fox skin, full of shades, full of colors that bring out your skin and hair tones. In Saga Furs I did a very interesting course on foxes. I will share with you the right fox colors to give you an idea of the types of natural fox.

Accessories like the fox fur collar are necessary to complete outfits and make them glam. The fox fur collar in particular allows you to join the need to heat your body with the desire to enhance your look with a refined detail that at the same time can be extravagant. Types of fox, colors, models and ways of wearing it can really make the difference but seriously do we know all there is to know  about looks with the fox collar?

To choose correctly, first we have to start from what you are wearing. I will tell you how I, Lady Fur, wear the fox fur collar so you can take inspiration from it.

Well well 🙂

I wear the fox fur collar over classic jackets or coats.

Over tailored suits with skirt and jacket I wear a full skin collar. Look at the photos with the fox fur collar shot in New York.

Naturally in the mountains I love wearing the white fox fur on sporty winter jackets as I did in St. Moritz

I love wearing long evening dresses in leather or silk, very tight with a beautiful silver fox fur collar to give more sensuality and lengthen the body.

If you have city waterproofs or jackets you can have the fox collar attached with buttons so that when you are tired of it you can take it off easily.

fox fur collar lady fur milan

I use this fur collar also in other occasions. For example in the photo that you see I wore it over a striped blouse by Lola Swang and high waisted trousers. That photo was shot for an outfit dedicated to you but really that same day, with the same outfit, I took part in a meeting linked to an annual communication project and the meeting went really well.


Worked fox fur collar or whole fox fur?

Guys, I am in a phase where I love whole skins. If it were for me, I would even keep the head but I would be too criticized. In the seventies people wore full skin fox collars. Many rappers still do, luxury women too, the masses no.

Lately in my photos I have often been wearing  full fox furs using them as collars or shalls. I love the tail of fox skin.

silver fox fur collar

_MG_0209Fox fur collar: my selection

I hope you can find something interesting.

If you go on MYTHERESA  you can find all fox collars naturals colors by  Marni

Artic Fox Collar 

Foc Collar blue frost

 Shadov fox collar



photo anna winter wearing fox fur collar

How much does a fox fur collar cost?

It all depends on where the fox comes from. On the quality, the type and the brand that sells it.

In the previews post I wrote about how much does a chinchilla fur cost?

Transform a fox fur collar. 

Transforming a fox fur collar inherited from your grandma found in a wardrobe can make sense if the skin is in a good state.  If the skin is beautiful and maybe white, I advise adding natural colors at the ends and making a full bodied collar. Or you can use the skin to border gloves, to make hats, or furnishings for your house. For example at Saga Furs I saw in the book shop a book covered in fur. I find this idea really chic. And again you can use the fur to make a frame for one of your paintings. Even more chic.

Talking about chic: Chik Radio Monte Carlo has just launched my video made in St Moritz. Did you see it ? Click here

Pas de Rouge shoes
Pas de Rouge shoes new collection SS 2016
persian fur coat on lady fur at parco sempione
Lady Fur wearing Swakara Coat, Lola Swang shirt, Pas de Rouge shoes

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Lady Fur





Photo: Yana Khankhatova – Help Stylist Lara Parasuco


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