The Grandi fur jacket

lady fur in grandi furs

The Grandi fur jacket – a classic they can’t tear you away from.

The Grandi fur jacket will never go out of fashion  

The fur jacket that you see in the photos is from Grandi.

The fur jacket is made in swakara, mink and cashmere. It’s a very light fur, easy to wear every day.

I am convinced that when you buy a fur coat, you have to feel it to be able to wear it well.

I chose this fur jacket because for my work and lifestyle it’s perfect. As you know as well as working on my blog I am consultant for many companies of the fashion sector, and I often participate in meetings and have to have a look that is appropriate for the situation, a look that makes me feel confident.

I have always loved classic, high quality garments. Those garments that have value, that will never be fast fashion. Dress to impress at the most important meeting, to go for a walk on Sunday around Milan hand in hand with your fiance, to go out for dinner with friends, to go and meet your grandmother.

That fur jacket that you match with everything and that you will never tire of. Just the thought of losing it despite its being worn makes you sick to your stomach.

You have had it in the wardrobe for years amongst brand new coats and fur jacket, but you still wear it. Without thinking, you open the wardrobe and take it. It’s automatic.

What you see in the photo is one of these garments. A very high quality fur jacket, in minimal style with attention to detail.

Photo of the Grandi fur jacket

We shot the fur jacket during a romantic afternoon.

I wore it during Paris fashion week at the Paco Rabanne show.

I am not alone in my love of iconic pieces, great classics, garments that have made the history of fashion. Many street style photographers shot the fur jacket of Grandi while I was outside the shows in Paris. Grazia Arabia will publish the fur of Grandi Furs in their April issue.

In this moment of great confusion where there is a bit / a lot / too much of everything, the classic garment always wins.

I really love this shoot. I find it romantic, exciting.

About Grandi

Grandi is a brand from Bologna specialized in fur.

Grandi opened in the early sixties as an artisan company, it developed and grew widening its commercial area affirming itself at international level. And it is precisely the strength of its artisan experience that over the years has allowed the company to consolidate their own choice of quality and image in creating products that are strictly Made in Italy.

On blog I have published pieces from their show at  The One Milan and at Mifur.

I had been dreaming of buying a Grandi fur jacket for years. The owners of the furrier were expecting me to choose a more creative and coloured piece but I prefered a timeless piece, that I can wear on any occasion and lasts for ever (unless I put on 20 kilos, I would have it remodelled added some skins, etc. etc….)

For more information on Grandi I suggest you visit their official site and their Instagram @grandifur.

Photo: Matteo Volta

Outfit: fur jacket Grandi, Pants Brooks&Brothers, Manolo Blahnik shoes


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