Pink fur vest

pink fur vest

Pink fur vets how to wear a fur like Lolita

Pink fur vest was shot in St. Moritz, soft, super soft by Volpi. You can find it on furbazaar. I am writing this post sitting on the sofa here in Doha with my best friend while watching the film LOLITA, one of my favourite films that inspired me for this shooting where I am wearing a super soft pink fur vest.

It was late, we had already packed our bags, we were ready to leave but we hadn’t shot the vest that I would really have liked to photograph as it is in PINK FUR, my favourite colour. I showed Yana, the photographer, some inspiration photos found / stolen from an Instagrammer that I love @parisobsession (that I met first on Instagram and then in Paris) and other photos of Lolita that I have in my archive on iCloud suggesting to her to shoot some photos in Lolita style with a pink fur vest.

The result is these photos that I find beautiful and I confess that we really enjoyed ourselves.

lady fur pink fur vest

I know, I am hardly dressed, but you know how much I love being naked under soft fur like the gilet you see in the photo.

I loved this outfit so much. White socks with black shoes Lolita shoes, white cotton slip, vest in pink fur and high waisted skirt in mixed wool, I think it’s the perfect match for a “modern Lolita”.

Obviously when I left the Hotel to return to Milan I wore a very tight polo neck body under my pink fur vest.
pink fur west lady fur lady fur pink fur vest pink fur vest lolita style st moritz volpi pink fur vest pink fur vest

My experience in St. Moritz was unforgettable, you can see the video of my experience on Radio Chik Monte Carlo, or read the previous posts clicking here. The hotel where we took the photos is called PIZ ST. MORITZ Enchanting, I will definitely go back. =)

lady fur legs lolita

I did this shooting just for pleasure like the contents of this post that is not for informative purposes like the others. =)=)

A big kiss. Now I’m running to dinner: it’s my last evening here in Doha where I will return, 100% guaranteed, for a super mega big project.

Photo: Yana Khankhatova – Lara Parasuco: Assistant Stylist – Skirt: Zara – Shoes: Primadonna – Pink Fur vest: Volpi


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