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How to furnish your house Fur pillows could be an excellent Christmas present.

Fur pillows are one of those furnishings that can enrich your living room or bedroom or rather the room where you choose to put them. My mother, for example, put two of these cushions, one in fox fur and one in mink on the armchair in front of the bathroom

It’s hard to believe but I don’t have even one fur cushion here in Milan, even though it is in fifth place on my Christmas wish list

Photos of fur pillows dug out from various online shops


Getting back to Christmas presents, a great gift could be: have the letters of the name of the person receiving the fur pillow  inlaid by your trusted furrier. Maybe you could have the letters of the name done in mink and the rest of the cushion in fox, or have part of the cushion made in cachemire, the letter in crocodile and the rest in chinchilla. I have loads of ideas in mind. If only I were richer I would give an initialed pillow to all my followers:)   Well, maybe I would have to be a billionaire  I also wrote a post about to make a mink intarsia.

If anyone wanted to give me a fur cushion with my initials I WOULD ACCEPT  =) Just joking obviously.

Tips for buying fur pillows

A fake fur pillow NO, please, NEVER, don’t do it. Just avoid buying it because it would be too cheap.

If you want to make a good impression buy a valuable fur like: sable, fox, mink, chinchilla, seal, Fin Raccon or Orylag. I also advise having the fur put only on one side so that the other is smooth, easy to rest on the sofa or on uncomfortable chairs. In my opinion a pillow with fur on both sides isn’t so elegant….it’s too much.

If you have a small budget look for a cushion in less expensive but don’t forget still quality fur: Rex, Monglian, Lapin or patchwork of more types of fur.

If you want to impress even more I advise having the pillow personalized or better still a set of cushions with the receivers names or  initials.

Another idea could be to have a symbol or something special, like the receiver’s photo printed on material or fur. (However on fur it’s not as easy as on textiles: I wrote a post about printing on fur (click here to read it).

I would like a fur pillow made like this.

The front part in sable, with a heart in crocodile in the center and embroidery with Swarovski stones around the heart. The back part of the cushion in pure cachemire in the same color as the sable. I would like a set of cushions like that, medium / large with hearts, stars and the letters L.F. inlaid.

Who knows if Father Christmas will answer me 🙂

lady fur on sofa with fur pillows and fur covers
Lady Fur in Saga Furs home September 2015

The photos you see regard two posts shot in the luxury villa of Saga Furs (click here to see them post 1  and post 2) where I stayed when participating in the fox competition that I obtained the diploma for =) I also made a video.

Furnishings in fur have always interested me:

In  2012 I wrote a post dedicated to sleeping with a sable cover.

In 2013 I wrote a post entitled I don’t want to wake up where I was sleeping with a chinchilla cushion and cover.

In  2014 I published a post with a beautiful, very sexy cover by Kopenhagen Fur.

In 2015 instead I did a really COOL: recent research explains that sleeping with a fur cover is good for you, read it.

2013 Lady Fur in Copenhagen WRAPPED IN A LUXURY FUR COVER Kick by Kopenhagen Fur

Your Lady Fur



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