Lady Fur 10 Rules on how to behave with a fur coat

1: When you purchase check the origin and that there is a certificate “Origin Assured”.

2: Love it like a daughter

3: When you wear it, do not carry the bag on the shoulder or with the handle on your shoulder, it would ruin the hair. The bag must be carried by hand.

4: Avoid places with strong odors such as Chinese or Japanese restaurants, the ones where fish, fried foods filled with smoke are served. Fur absorbs odors, keeping them for a long time.

5: Unless you hang out only in luxury places, never leave your coat in the cloakroom (not even at the hairdresser, nor in the club). Even in the restaurant bring it with you always.

6: If it’s too hot and you decide to take off the fur coat, carry it in your arms with the hair facing inward.

7: When bending a coat (should be avoided, best to use the provided case) the hair must always be on the inside in order to avoid any kind of friction.

8: In springtime bring the fur in a specialized center for cleaning or leave it to your furrier that will keep it cool in the caveaux.

9: Do not store the furs in the closet, use them, they do not like be kept indoors, they want to get out with you. .

10: And finally, always remember that the fur is a recyclable material, reusable, convertible and extremely flexible. If ever you get bored of a model rely on your trusted furrier who will advise you both in the case of exchange and of transformation. So you can wear a new and modern one which you will not know longer do without.

Fur is a value, appreciate it and love the uniqueness of this natural product. xoxo Miao miao Lady Fur


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