Seal fur! Will it be the next Must Have ?


I know, I had promised to publish the seal fur processing, but after having seen how these photos came out I decided to publish first these, that, anyway, show the processing of these furs in detail.

Looking at these photos does it seem that I’m wearing seal fur? And above all, did you imagine it like that? Such soft, light garments with shiny hairs and all of the same length? The seal effect is really insane. Better than mink?  Will it replace mink? Will it be the next must have ?

Maybe, maybe not. What’s sure and WINNING is the highly competitive price, the production cost and the soft effect of the coat.

For those who are convinced that seal is banned in Italy, I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT THE LAWS HAVE CHANGED.

The Greenland seals coming from Kopenahgen Fur and so certified are COMPLETELY LEGAL and importable to Italy.

And now a great Focus on the processing. .

In the first picture I am wearing a sweater model made in blue colour seal fur. The knit effect all covered with rombus holes really gives the idea of a cachemire jumper…and also the sensation is the same.


In the second photo I am wearing a waistcoat, always in quilted effect seal, a bit more rigid but it is exactly this that makes it very noble.



In the third photo I am wearing a seal jacket cut with leather. The mix is very charming: the light and soft coat matched with the leather is very rock n roll.


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