Seal fur the new fur material


Amazing, soft, brilliant seal fur, with ever so thin skin…after having discovered them yesterday at Kopenhagen Fur I can’t get them out of my head.

I am serious. I went to sleep dreaming of making seal furs and this morning i couldn’t wait to come here to KICK at the Design Studio to see some new ways of working with this fur.

Seal fur, differently from other furs, doesn’t need to be nailed, so for young designers it is much easier to use. And this detail is not to be underestimated! Using seal would mean jumping steps in fur garment production. In fact due to its malleability it could be nicknamed ” the fur material”.

Why when I think of seal jackets do only eskimos come to mind? And another question. How come such a beautiful material hasn’t been in the fashion system in the past years?


Thomas of Kick, Kopenhagen Fur’s design studio, showed me some recent processes and colours.

The colours are TOP!! The furs and the skin absorb them perfectly and the possibilities of mixing them are endless.

Then there are multiple processes: 3d is the most recent and has also stimulated the designers the most, but also the padding, the cuts, the inlay and the applications with other materials do not fail to impress.

Tomorrow I will publish all the processing I am talking about. Stay tuned.

kick_copenhagen_seals_furs_welovefur seals_skins_kopenhagen_furs_lady_fur

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