Fall winter colours 2017: a look at the trends and not only for fur

fall winter colors 2017

Fall winter colours 2017: its moment to think about the nuance for next year.

Fall winter colours 2017 , are you ready to know the colours trend for fall winter 2017/18? Remember that to create clothes with the right color palette is extremely important if you are aiming to astonish buyers. They are the ones who decide which furs will be sold so if the furs aren’t in line with the colour trend this could mean that your entire line could fail.

Fur collections – like the fashion collections – must be positioned in the seasonal trends, and if we are speaking of trends we must act with anticipation. If your objective is to captivate buyers from important stores to multi-brand boutiques -those that sell many different brands – having the right colours will be your ticket to get many comissions.

Shops -wether online or physical- follow a color story and decide in anticipation which is the trend that they will follow.

Have you ever realised this? Multi-brand stores are always much more attentive with the presentation of their store, the store must communicate a mood and the color trend of the season. To have the wrong color palette means to break the harmonious atmosphere from the store.

If the fall winter colours 2017 are like the ones from this season, like pink; having a green fur displayed might make you lose the sale. Not only the colours are to be taken into account, also the lining colour, the gogrein and the details count.

Fall Fashion colours 2017 / 2018

But which will be the colours in fashion for the fall winter 2017?

Every year trend forecasting agencies track the colours: this is that the high fashion brands and fur brands can study how to develop their collection with a year of anticipation.

Many of you are already finishing the collection or you have already finished them. But in the fur industry adding a colour is not that complicated. I suggest to take a fur from one of these colours shown below as a sample. In this way the buyers of fashion brands will be able to imagine how the finished garment will look like with the chosen colour and in the meanwhile fall in love with the final outcome.

So which color trends 2017 /2018 will be in fashion?

Natural tendencies are foreseen, earthy shades, sandy hues. Specially there is to keep an eye on smokey gray, tending to go a bit in the direction of blue hues like Navy blue.

Color trends 2017 – The neutral nuance is key

From the lightest to the darkest, here Are the colour trends 2018 fall winter:

  • Ivory (11-300 TCX) – a very elegant ivory tone, it is easy mistaken with the colour of ice.
  • Ecru (13-0905 TCX) – a warmer hue which is perfect for outerwear
  • Limestone (16-4701 TCX) – in the fall winter colours 2017 an indisputable classic
  • Sand – Sabbia (16-1120 TCX) – perfect of the autumn
  • Olive Khaki (18-0920 TCX) – an olive colour for the casual outfits. Divine!
  • Slate (18-0306 TCX) – Perfect grey for the furs with a winter mood.
  • Navy (19-4023) – Maybe the most peculiar colour to look forward to next fall winter 2017
  • Black (19 – 4005) – Black is forever.

fall winter colours 2017

fall winter colours 2017

In general the key colours are based on neutral tones, many of them having a beautiful ambivalence -specially in the case of colours like khaki olive or the blue navy, yes neutral colours, but not overseen.

If you want more inspiration, take a look at the models that walked down the runway: for example Roberto Cavalli for his f/w menswear collection 2016/2017 had anticipated the Olive Khahi colour trend. For the Ivory colour you might recall the Michael Kors garment from his 2012/2013 collection.

Roberto Cavalli michael kors

We haven’t finished just yet: the colour trends 2018 come from the nuance of neutrals and arrive to a fun colour palette.

Other colour trends 2018 from Pantone textile cards

We cans still se earthy tones, earthy sienna, browns that have grey tones and to top everything we have olive green, pale pink, aquamarine and mustard yellow.

The fall winter colours 2017 that will overtake the design trends are smokey, they are full of grey hues: for example to continue the trend of this season which is beautiful pale pink / antique pink (14-13311 TCX) we have a fantastic Grey/Blueish steel colour (17-5107 TCX)

color trends 2018

color trends 2018

color trends 2018

Remember: in fashion it is beautiful to creative, but for the colours you must ALWAYS consult the trend forecasts for the upcoming year or season. In this way your collections will have the possibility to get more visibility in the biggest stores of the world.

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