Fur Excellence in Athens 2015 Gala Party and Fur Guest

Fur Execellence in Athens 2015: 80 New Photos

Yesterday I shared with you my first night in Athens with Fur Excellence in Athens, the Gala Nafa. If you have not read the post click here.

With great joy today, however, I share with you the second evening, dedicated to the Gala Party of Fur Excellence in Athens 2015 : an evening dedicated to the brands of the Greek fur.

At the Fur Excellence in Athens 2015 Gala Party there were a hundred operators in the fur industry and also many politicians.
It was an evening full of emotions and positive energy.

Despite the strong economic and social change, particularly in markets of interest such as Russia and China, on the part of Greek entrepreneurs I experienced a great OPTIMISM. In particular, the new generation, the sons/ daughters of the great leaders, are all projected towards change and innovation.

The experience in Athens was a source of enrichment for me: the opportunity to be able to compare with the greats of this industry allows me to grow and understand this world better, but the thing that made me the happiest was to meet the new generations , those who will be part of the future of our industry.

Brands that showed:

Northern Lights

Nevris (I’m are very happy to have been able to meet even the Nevris team a company that has believed in me from the beginning of my blog)

Langiotti (I had the pleasure of meeting Makis director, soon I will visit their showroom in Milan’s Via della Spiga)
Manzari (I had met also this brand I had known in Kastoria during my first experience <3)
KN Furs (a brand I love and am very happy to have found a new friend, Dimitris you see photographed several times below)
PT Quality Furs (I could meet Zisis Tsiouchadaris, young entrepreneur full of positive energy)

Bourtsos (brand specializing in Kastoria Swakara. I met the young Christos Bourtsos willingly, my dear friend, met in Copenhagen at Kopenhagen Fur during the course of sorting of 2012)

Naomi (in this case I can say I have a new friend Orestis)
Imperia Furs (glad I met the owner known in Kastoria, my first time in Greece. I remember that at that time I fell in love with a fuchsia fox vest with fox’s head: review the video that made me go back to 2013 )
Avanti Furs (with siblings AVANTI I have a lot of posts now, I follow them everywhere in Kastoria, Beijing, Athens, Milan. Where do we go from here?)
EFD Papadopoulou (and I finally had the pleasure of knowing Eleonora Papadopoulou young businesswoman and fashion designer with a vision very international).

Above the post by clicking on the arrows, you can see photos of the fashion show.
Below, however, the pictures taken with the guests and backstage.

It was also an unforgettable experience, later I will publish a post dedicated to my look of the evening: a dress with corset in real crocodile Vladimiro Gioia.

Tomorrow, I will share the photos at the show Thank to Nikos Panagiotou, the whole team of the fair in Athens and the Hellenic Fur Federation for giving me the opportunity to participate in this great and important event.

Lady Fur

Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-27
Cathrine Saks and Barbara Potts Sakspotts.com and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-24
Angelliki – Avanti Furs and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-3
Dimitris Karanikolas KN Furs and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-2
Dimitris Karanikolas and Stephen Burrell Kick Kopenhagen Fur and I
Chris Kousouris and I
Dimitrios Kosmidis President Hellenic Fur Federation and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-21
Nikos Panagiotou and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-28
Avanti Furs Family and Vassilli
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-29
Nikos Panagiotou, Dimitrios Kosmidis, Lady Fur, Mark Oaten Ceo of IFF, Athina and Makis Ditsios and Hulio from Saga Furs
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-30
Makis Ditsios
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-5
Langiotti and Lady Fur
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-6
Eleni Meselidou ( graphic designer), Dimitris Karanikolas KN Furs and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-31
Mariella Fur Arpel, Conceria Milanese and I
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-16
Racine Crrée
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-15
Benedetta Bruzziches bag
Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-23
Nikos Panagiotou and I

Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-1 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-17 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-18Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-20 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-22 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-4 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-7 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-9 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-10 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-12 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-13 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-14 Fur-Excellenece-athens gala-party-photo-8



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Milan Fashion Week


Lady Fur Looks

Dress Vladimiro Gioia

Lady Fur

Shoes Racine Carree

Bag Benedetta Bruzziches

Photos : Umberto Gorra

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