Guida Brokers and Lady Fur Kopenhagen Fur 2015

Lady Fur at Giorgio Guida Brokers Kopenhagen Fur 2015

Guida Brokers all photos with the most famous brokers of fur sector at Kopenhagen Fur auction house

Can I use one of your offices for a few days? (I occupied it for 10!)

Can I take a photo? Can I photograph the pizza? I’ll shoot you while you’re eating, ok? Can I use ALL your plastic boards? I need them for a meeting…Can I print a few pages? (more than 40…) Can I take all the lynx skins you have to my hotel to take some photos? I’m taking the lot of sable and I’m going to take some photos.

You won’t believe it but I managed to transform the Guida Brokers office into a photo set. Azzurra and I used the same office that I should have occupied from 9am to 6pm until 11pm making everyone wait…and they took me home nearly every evening!!!! <3

Giorgio Guida Brokers has some of the strongest and most powerful brokers in the fur sector, they are international, they have offices everywhere but I am not sure they were ready to face the LADY FUR cyclone, as they are not very web oriented ‘yet’…

I write yet, because soon I will do a video of their story, a video experience on Carlo Guida (son of  Giorgio Guida, founder of Giorgio Guida Brokers ), Giorgio, Tommaso and Francesco plus their auction team. With this video I will recount their passed, present and something of the future. You will discover how they work.

Read the first post where I talk about their office in Kopenhagen Fur  with wood burning stove, poster if Naples with  Vesuvius, Tommaso’s den (the kitchen) , living room, ping pong, table football, thousands of skins, mega show-room, bathroom and lots of offices.

Next year I will share many photos and images of my experience with them at auction <3

carlo guida brokers fur italy with lady fur
Carlo Guida and I
guida brokers italy
Tommaso G., Carlo G., I and Giorgio G.

THANKS A MILLION CARLO GUIDA for having listened to me and hosted me: there is always something to learn from you, TOMMASO and GIORGIO for having made me laugh day after day THANKS TO ALL YOUR STAFF:  NELLO FORMISANO sweet, patient, and very professional, CIRO for making me the best pizza in the world and all the others FOR HAVING SUPPORTED AND TAKEN CARE OF ME.

I felt part of the FAMILY  <3 <3 <3

Lady Fur


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love lady fur in kopenhagen fur
Guida Foxes from Kopenhagen Fur Office
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