Furbazaar Blue and Black match

Furbazaar collaboration and a good match in fur blue and black

Who said that blue and black together are not a good match? I love to match blue with black. I’m really convinced that there are no rules in matching colors =)

In this photos I’m wearing a beautiful blue fur coat from FurBazaar.com and black jeans. I’m in the garden of Kopenhagen Fur with Koi Carpe Fish <3.

About Furbazaar.com I have news.

In  Copenhagen some days ago  as you already saw on my instagram (click here) I met my FUR SIGNORINI (the team of Furbazaar.com). How beautiful are they?

We did a meeting rich of amazing ideas and it resulted in a BIG FUR COLLABORATION.

From today I will review on furbazaar.com, the biggest fur shop online of Europe all new fur brands as a Fur Expert.

One time a month I will share my experience on Furbazaar Instagram, and I will give you some fur style tips=).

I’m so exicited about this collaboration  with Furbazaar.com because they are so young, they are on average 25, are beautiful and super smart and we share the same passion for fur and we are supporting each other from when we start to work.

Do you remember my first post with Furbazaar team? click here

Their mission is to give you a wide choice of products in fur and have it at home quickly at no cost =)  AMAZING I really LOVE this Furbazaar.com project <3

furbazaar.com lady fur kopenhagen fur
Lady Fur in Natures Collection fur coat from Furbazaar.com



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