I want to have fun

lady fur sable fur
Lady Fur at 6 am Monte Carlo backstage photo for Stardust

I want to have fun: that’s the answer I gave my agents who suggested I abandon welovefur.

Ciao! I haven’t written here for a while, I mean in a personal way.

I want to start by talking to you briefly about the blog’s successes and then about me.

The blog is changing into what I have been dreaming of for a long time. I can’t reveal my true dream because I don’t want anyone to steal the idea: I will tell you a part that is anyway an important part, so that those who haven’t understood what I am doing yet can understand once and for all (or start to understand ).

My Welovefur is not just a personal blog that is it is not just me that writes. Yes the shopping posts are signed by me but they are not written totally by me. I have a team of editors. The blog is a site that is evolving into something bigger, a sort of personal magazine with online shop. But this is just the beginning of the transformation this year there will be lots of news =)

Part of my dream would be to print the blog twice a year and distribute it on a global level with a fashion partner. Who knows if I will? =)

The news of Welovefur or WFur, choose the name you prefer

  • The Shopping section has opened. – As you have seen in the summer period we posted lots of articles in a new section of the blog called SHOPPING. We never put shopping posts at the top of the site so when you visit my blog, to check if there is something new be careful, always look at the bottom of the site because certainly there will be a new post waiting for you.
  • The posts are shoppable. Isn’t that crazy cool? You can find the products I wear in the photos or what I advise at the click of a button.
  • Clicking on Shop my feed in the sidebar inside the posts you can even buy what I wear in the instagram photos with the application liketoknow. Yes, you can shop for my looks on Instagram!
  • We have opened the online shop in collaboration with the biggest online shops in the world Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Macys, Harrods, Luisa Via Roma, Net a Porter and many others… including important brands like Fendi, Gucci etc.. where I carefully select furs and items I like and that I think you could like too. This way if you are looking for a fur you can have the first choice from the pieces chosen by me, instead of having to look on all your dream fashion websites (that is heavy and takes ages). How many of you go on the various sites and type “fur” waiting for the results to come only not to find what you are looking for straight away? In my shop (we are developing it, it is not finished yet) you will find the best in terms of fur and leather from all the online shops on the web.
  • Giorgio Magnani is online. – As you know I have worked hard on the rebranding of Giorgio Magnani. My team and I have dealt with the campaign, look book, site and much more and finally the site of Giorgio Magnani is online: click here to see it. I love it: and you? I love above all their instagram @giorgio-magnani
  • Lady Fur Capsule collection of rabbits in real fur. Oh yes. After falling in love first with the Saga Furs rabbit and then with a special rabbit that was given to at Mifur, I thought of making a collection of rabbits in fur and seling it directly on my blog and off line in some luxury shops. I will present the collection in December here in Milan and I will do a little event in Doha at the end of October. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

    fur toys lady fur
    Preview of my capsule fur collection
  • Carlo Ramello the new campaign. This summer I also shot the new campaign for Carlo Ramello. We took some beautiful photos at six in the morning, on the beach, in Monaco. I can’t wait to share them with you.

About this summer. Summer (that to be clear for me was reduced to just one month, August) was quite busy. I had lots of fun. I went to Cannes, Monte Carlo, to the mountains, to San Remo with Yana Khankhatova, my photographer, that I shot some beautiful photos with.

Summer was busy because I did nothing but think about how to develop my blog, where to publish the photos of my holidays, whether to change the name of the blog and much more.

lady fur wearing a sable fur coat
Carlo Ramello fur coat photo backstage Monte Carlo

My objective for positioning the web is to become the sole voice for the fur sector on a global scale. To do this I can’t go off track. Or rather it would be better not to publish on the blog contents that don’t regard my life in the fur sector or that are not linked to the fur world. So photos of me in costumes, stories of me at the sea, posts on jewel fairs, general posts…actually could position me outside the sector and I would lose traffic. My site is a niche one and I would like it to remain so.

I had a lot more fun before when I spoke only about fur and my passions in the sector. I was freer to do what I wanted. My agents, this last year, have stressed me because they didn’t appreciate the fact that I wear fur so much and that I promote my sector so much. The world of fashion, even though it produces furs does not accept the fur sector. The fashion brands that accept our sector are few and anyway they don’t want to make it known. To much pressure and too much stress: “don’t publish that photo”, “cancel the photos with fur ”, “don’t do videos at auctions” , don’t do ….

Instead that’s exactly what I want to do so I have decided to


I have opened a new instagram account @samantha where I enjoy myself like crazy. I can publish all the photos I want, when and how I want.


We are improving the site as illustrated above.


I am going to launch a site that will also have a blog section but it will not be a blog. The site will offer services. I can’t say any more. =)

I want to have fun like at the beginning when I opened the blog and I had complete freedom to do what I wanted.

Kisses your Lady Fur

lady fur sable vest
Photo backstage for Stardust Monte Carlo


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