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Fur tailleur for Paris Haute Couture

The fur tailleur you see in the photo was kindly lent to me by Kopenhagen Fur.

The fur tailleur is in Swakara fur,  with skins coming from the above-mentioned Danish auction house. 

I decided to wear this look for the second day of Parisian Haute Couture. A day full of appointments, shows and events. The Street style photographers really liked my fur tailleur, in fact, it was published in the best looks of Buro24/7 and The Impression.

fur tailleur

I have always dreamt of having a fur tailleur, I was undecided whether to have it made in shaved mink or Swakara. I don’t know why I was convinced that a suit in Swakara could seem too heavy, but no! Quite the opposite. It keeps me warm, it’s soft, resistant and wraps me out perfectly. It almost seems a material. After this beautiful experience I asked my trusted tailor in Milan to make me a couple of suits in astrakan: one pink and one black to wear every day.  

I chose pink not because it is the colour of Spring Summer but because it is one of my favourite colours. 

You know I don’t follow trends. 

Years ago fashion was slower, it was a pleasure to follow trends, now it goes so fast, there’s a bit of everything, too much of everything and above all too FAST. I like it less. What do you think? Do you like fast fashion? Then as regards the fur sector I don’t think it works as a fur garment is priceless: buying a fur for one season or just to wear it once on Instagram and never again is unthinkable. 

I hope my sector can reassess the fur product that cannot be considered throw-away fashion. Gucci used fur as fashion product and look how that ended up… 

If and when you buy a fur do it responsibly. Invest in an expensive, quality garment. A piece with an iconic model and colour so that it doesn’t go out of fashion too quickly. 

I will have to give the fursuit back to Kopenhagen Fur at the end of the fashion weeks on March 6, after Paris.(Pity I would have willingly kept it) Kopenhagen Fur has a huge archive, full of fur garments made over the last twenty years. For a designer that loves research, it could be a real source of inspiration. For fur fans like me, it’s like paradise.  

When I go to Copenhagen, I always stop by the Kopenhagen Fur Studio and I spend a few hours researching in their archives. 

I wore the fursuit with French cap, glasses from the new collection by Moschino and boots. The belt I have around my waist was hand-made in Paris by a niche brand di Maison Vaincourt that you can find on Modaoperandi clicking on the photos below.

Photos with the fur tailleur

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