I’m busy, busy

A funny story of Lady Fur in chinchilla coat and fox stole

Often, so often my friends ask me to go out, even if only to eat a pizza, but my answer is always the same lately: “I can’t as I’m working, I’m exhausted…” I’m BUSY

Thankfully they are so considerate and patient with me.

What I love the most when I’m tired and stressed is to roll over my favourite fur blanket, feeling its softness on my body and fall asleep for a few minutes.

In this way, I can collect positive energies to go back to my working day.

I could look foolish, but this is the truth…

Fur and jewelry are the most important sources of energy for me.

I’m crazy for my chinchilla blanket <3 <3 <3

Miao Miao


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Fur: Carlo Ramello

Bra: Parah

Necklace: Noname

Ring: River Island

Photos: Marica Viganò

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