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chinchillla coat with hood

Chinchilla coat how much it costs, how to match it, where to buy it and more.

Chinchilla coat the dream coat. While I am writing this post I am smiling because I am thinking of the scenes (a bit crazy) of the customers of a luxury fur shop where I worked, as sales assistant, to understand the target of my sector well. Customers that did not know how to chose between chinchilla coat and sable. Two different furs but that attract the same type of woman.

When a client was interested in chinchilla coat but also in sable I warned my friends because I knew that it would be a LONG sale. At the end of a draining negotiation they either bought both or opted for the first leaving a deposit for the second.

In the photo I am wearing a short sleeved chinchilla coat with a big hood in Italy with very high quality skins, black velvet type, coming from Kopenhagen Fur. The brand is Ghielmetti, it isn’t on the web yet (they will be soom, I have almost convinced them). The brand Ghielmetti is sold in the best boutiques in St Moritz, Milan, South Korea and a bit all over the world. If you want more information contact me. I will be pleased to answer you.

Women who wear chinchilla coat are the highest class women. It’s not a fur for everyone. I don’t want to put down mink, rabbit or Astrakhan that more or less everyone can afford but chinchilla has its own appeal. Chinchilla fur is super soft, the softest on the market. The hair is soft, full of colour and shades, shiney, and when you touch it you feel its value and the pleasure of wearing it.

In St Moritz, like a true lover of this precious skin, I did a shooting in lingerie with chinchilla coat, I can’t wait to post it.

Some of my friends consider chinchilla coat too extravagant and difficult to wear. For me it absolutely isn’t. It stands out but it all depends on how you wear it. Even if chinchilla fur goes really well with everything I wear it both in the day and in the evening but maybe I don’t count.

Chinchilla coat how and where to wear it

You can wear chinchilla coat in many occasions and match it in various ways. I, for example, wore it one Sunday, in the afternoon to go and have tea in Milan with a friend. It’s true that I sipped green tea with perfumed flowers and chocolate biscuits in the bar of the Principe di Savoia Hotel but it was still afternoon. I matched the chinchilla coat with high waisted bourdeaux trousers and a very thin black polo neck in 100% cachemire. A very simple look on trend with autumn colours. After chatting with my friend, I popped to the centre for a work aperitive and then dinner in one of the oldest restaurants in Milan and to finish the cinema. Always wearing my chinchilla.

I admit I felt a bit observed but not in a negative way, quite the contrary. A super chic woman in via Montenapoleone even stopped me asking me where she could buy a fur in Milan and a man, I think American, murmured ‘good style’. It was a great day.

Now I will answer a question that I have been asked at least one hundred times.

How much does a chinchilla coat cost?

This question is asked by who is not a connaisseur in buying fur.

Chinchilla coat certainly doesn’t have a defined price. The price varies according to the quality and origin of the skins but not only, also according to where it is made up and how and last on the quality of the skins used.

A mink fur bordered with chincilla is certainly worth less than a fur made totally in chinchilla coat. A knee length chinchilla fur certainly costs more than a jacket.

The price of chinchilla coat varies from auction to auction, it goes up and down, (like the stock market). The auction that sells the most beautiful chinchilla is Kopenhagen Fur.  

In July I interviewed one of the auctioneers expert in chinchilla. Soon I will do a post completely dedicated to the various types of chinchilla to not go on too much here.

To give you an idea of the price of chincilla skins to date, November 2015 it is about 70 euros for medium quality and around 90 euros for high quality.

A fur like that in the photo costs 30 thousand euros.

Many of my followers send me via email photos of furs they bought asking me if they have made a good investment. I love this, thanks for the importance you give me. I hope with the next post dediacted to chinchilla fur that I can give you the answers you are looking for in the meantime I will try to answer briefly here.

chinchilla coat milan

How to recognize the value and quality of a chinchilla fur

If you go to a furrier and you want to buy a chinchilla fur to understand if the shop keeper is selling you a fur with the right ‘quality / price’ ratio you first have to ask where the skins come from. If the skins are certified and come from auction it is a sign that the furs are quality and come from selected farms.

The colour is fundamentally important. The most beautiful chinchilla skin has a black back (it must be black not drifting to other colours), then shades of grey and white on the sides that must be totally white. If the white is yellowish it means that the fur is old and not quality. This goes for Black Velvet Chinchilla.

The chinchilla must be compact, you must check that you can’t see the hide or cracks, the hair must be uniformly shiny and thick.

In the next posts I will advise you where to buy chinchilla fur online and offline, I will go into the types of chincilla and I will publish moodboards full of inspiring pictures with celebrities in fur from the past and today.

chinchilla coat lady fur milan
Lady Fur wearing Ghielmetti Chinchilla Fur Pants:

milano Chinchilla coat long chinchilla coat with hood

chinchilla coat lady fur
Chinchilla Fur Ghielmetti and shoes Pas De Rouge Pants Nice Things

chinchillla coat with hood chinchilla-coat-milanlady fur wearing chinchilla coat with hood lady fur wearing chinchilla coat chinchilla coat with hood milano

Foto: Yana Khankhatova – Stylist Lara Parasuco

A kiss


Lady Fur


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