St. Moritz which fur shall I wear?

fur hoods with fox fur

St. Moritz which fur shall I wear? This was the first question I asked myself. I had never been to St. Moritz, what fur shall I fur? If I think about the mountains I think about snow so I opted for a casual style white fur.

My team (four girls) for St. Mortiz last Friday evening and we spent three unforgettable days there.

St Moritz mountain look with white fur

I chose a comfortable and and warm mountain look. Jacket with real coyote fur in the hood and white fur, leather with silver engraving in the back part, matching it with Moon Boots, also in silver. I love Moon Boots and all mountain shoes above all those that have also fur (by the way I have also dedicated a post to winter shoes).

Under the white fur I am wearing white fleece overalls with short trousers and white tights. I love hoods full of fur, so I matched a white fox fur collar.  What you see in the photo is the first look that I chose for my trip to the mountain. In the following days I wore a chincilla fur and and a sable with hood. In St Moritz it’s important to be comfortable, warm, sporty but elegant because the people that frequent this incredible place are very chic.

Where to buy fur in St Moritz

I have the habit, when I goto a new place, of going around the furriers (it makes me feel at home). In St Moritz I saw three: De Nicola, De Licia and Tabea’s, then I “popped by”, I say “popped by” but I spent more than an hour in the Beretta shop! The Beretta store in St Moritz offers English hunt style brands and typical Swiss clothing. I liked it so much thta we interviewed the shop owner for Radio Chik Monte Carlo. As you know I make a video every week about my life in the fashion and luxury world. The video is shared on the radio’s channel and on tv. I twill soon be aired: as soon as the link is ready I will come back to this post to add it. 🙂

How do the people St Moritz dress : Videos from 2013

Whilst doing some research on Youtube on fur in St Moritz I found some videos of street style shot in 2013.

The videos show women and men wearing fur in this splendid setting. There are even episodes.

Whoever made the videos is really switched on. The videos are very similar to those that fashion magazines are proposing regarding street style in shows.   Video one you can find five episode.

If you google “fur in  St Moritz” you will find posts with titles like “St Moritz furs and champagne

Yes because as you will have seen in the videos made in 2013 very wealthy, chic people who love luxury and furs go to this extraordinary, romantic and unique place. In St Mortiz fur is fundamental, in my opinion, better real than faux.

You can find the white fur that I am wearing on Furbazaar,the brand is  Volpi, I collaborated with this brand in the past in Milan. Click here to see the post.


white fox fur lady fur st morits white fox fur white fur st moritz lady fur st mortiz _MG_1021 white fur coat _MG_0905 _MG_0902 lady fur white fur coat white fox coat st moritz st moritz st moritz st moritz st moritz volpi fur coat furbazaar lady fur look st moritz lady fur style st moritz st moritz lady fur wearing white fur coat
st moritz

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Foto: Yana Khankhatova – Stylist Lara Parasuco


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