Second blog

second blog

Ciao Fur lovers

I love calling you that and I am happy to have a place of my very own where I can do that. My beloved blog.

HAPPY. As written in the previous post there was a period when on Welovefur I wasn’t free to do what I wanted. To promote my sector so explicitly. Now I can do it more than before.

Today 6 October 2016 I opened my new site, dedicated to Fashion Marketing and Instagram Marketing and motivation.

The site has a blog section where I publish my photos and my experiences around the world.

It bears my name: if you google my name you will certainly find it.

In this post I will share with you a small selection of the photos that you will find on my second blog. As you can see from the photos I don’t wear fur and that’s why I don’t want to publish them here.

On the other site I offer services that could interest you connected to Instagram but I will talk more specifically about this later.

Talking of fur, finally I have finished my small collection of soft toys in real fur and next week you will be able to buy them on this site. 🙂

Going back to Instagram: my new account Lady Fur is growing a lot. If you want me to publicize you tag or write me. <3

Today I did a beautiful shooting with a sable fur by Giorgio Magnani, I can’t wait to share all the photos.  Are you following Giorgio Magnani’s instagram? Do so, it’s beautiful. <3


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