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fur techniques

Print of fur is a technique that is used a lot by designers.

Personally I have some reservations about this technique becuase if it’s not done well by super expert tanneries the print on the fur can come out less than perfectly.  

This is not the case. The print on fur that you see in the photo was created by a designer during the Kick by Kopenhagen Fur workshop. Do you remember IMAGINE TALENTS? Last year I made a video of the show and I spent days on end with the students.

Print on fur works well if the decision is made to print on short hair, or epilated or shaven hair. For example last year I wanted to print the face of a sphynx cat enhancing it with shadows and shades on a shaved, epiliated white mink skin.

Despite having done the printing in the most important tannery in Milan, the shadows did not come out perfectly.

My advice is to print designs with full colours (no shades, no sahdows, not too many colours together)

The top that you see in the photo has the top part in fur and the lower part shaven and the zebra is printed black on white. Excellent. A design of this type on short hair like the one you can see in the photos (epliated mink) worked well. For the record I wore this top In July of this year.

print on fur lady fur


Below you can see photos taken inside Kick. Kick is a Design Centre with a team of fur masters where new techniques with fur skins and leather are studied and developed every year.

It was precisely in this centre, in 2014, that I made a video dedicated to seal fur techniques and on that occasion I also took beautiful photos. I advise you to look at them, you may find them interesting.

print on fur lady fur kick

I hope this post has been useful; if you are looking for other information on how to work fur skins click here, you will find all the posts I have done.

Instead if you have questions contact me, I will be happy to answer you or point you in the direction of the most suitable supplier for your project.

Love you

Lady Fur

Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_13 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_01 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_02 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_03 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_04 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_05 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_06 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_07 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_10 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_11 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_12 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_14 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_15 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_16 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_17 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_18 Lafy_Fur_Kick_Kopenhagen_Fur_2015_19

Photo: Azzurra Piccardi

Kick by Kopenhagen Fur

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