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fur techniques 2017 chic shnaghai lady fur kopenhagen fur

Fur techniques 2017 the collection of Kopenhagen Fur thought for fashion brands

Fur techniques: new techniques for working with fur from Kopenhagen Fur at Chic Shanghai 2017.

This post is for all the designers that are researching new techniques and need inspiration or simply want to know more.

You already know that you can you can do anything with fur. I have said it in loads of videos, talked and written about it in many posts. Here are some links.

Fur is an extremely ductile material.

Think about it for a minute: you can cut fur, colour it, shave it, lengthen it, paint it, stick it, print it and much more.

It allows designers to express their creativity at its best.  Please take a look here how many incredible techniques Kick has developed in the past years.

But not all designers have experience in working with fur skins. Many brands, even famous ones, just colour the skins. And that all their creativity stretches too. They don’t understand the potential. It’s a pity, it’s a bit like those who buy a Ferrari and use it as if it were a Fiat Punto.

Fur skins should be made the most of.

Every year Kopenahgen Fur together with designers and the best furriers in the world develops new techniques for working with fur skins, creates new colours, working techniques and much more.

Kick creates a collection and makes it available to designers and big fashion houses.

On my blog if you search Kopenhagen Fur you will find thousands of posts, anyway for more information you can click here and visit their site directly.

Kopenhagen Fur is the mother of fashion fur in the world. All the biggest designers and fashion houses trust Kopenhagen Fur to develop collections and many students coming from all over the world take part in the workshops of Kopenhagen Fur in Copenhagen to learn how to work skins or choose them and sell them at auction.


The most loved fur techniques are currently

  • Intarsia in mink, fox, rex or furs of several types like Mate and others. Fur inlays that create various geometric designs like stars, damasked, lines etc..
  • Prints on fur (prints come out well on short hair)
  • The paint effect on fur even long haired
  • Matching fur and other material like knitting, leather or brocade materials
  • Pouring silver and gold colours on the ends of sable, mink and fox fur
  • Laser cuts
  • 3d effects using fur cut into small pieces of fur sewn one on top of the other 
  • 3d effects with lined fur and laser cuts
  • Shaving with various volume effects
  • epilation

Kopenhagen Fur helps fashion brands in need of support to develop samples of their collections.  It helps with the research of possible producers and in the simplification of development processes. In some cases it also sponsors brands to develop samples. Kopenahgen Fur is a guarantee in the world of fashion and that of fur.

If you go to a shop and you are going to buy a fur check the origin of the fur. If there is KOPENHAGEN FUR on the label you can be sure that the fur is worth a lots because the fur comes from Danish farms that respect sector rules.

If you are making a collection of fur garments, Danish mink is definitely the best. It is the best loved and those that have the best heart to work with are Kopenhagen Fur, a sign of guarantee all over the world.




lady fur and Christ by Kopenhagen Fur
Chris Cui General Manager of China Kopenhagen Fur office <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

mink techniques intarsia fur mink techniques laser laser fur mink techniques yellow fur technique kopenhagen fur chic shanghai mink fur techniques special technique with fur collection 2017 chic shanghai mink technique with leather special fur mink technique kick by kopenhagend fur lady fur and Christ by Kopenhagen Fur China samples of fur techniques collection 2017 fur furs fur details of new collection special seal fur techniques 3d technique fur kick by kopenhagen fur new collection at chic shanghai seal fur technique kick by kopenhagen fur fur coat chic 2017 shanghai furs fur samples 3d furs art fur fur fashion kick stand at chic shanghai 2017 interview of lady fur fur blogger at chic shnaghai kick by kopenhagen fur fur mink intarsia natural colors of mink kopenhagen fur stand at the fair


In the photo I’m wearing a fur coat in mink of Giorgio Magnani  the back is rich of intarsia in the next post I will show you better photos.

If you want to be inspired visit Kopenahgen Fur web site 

Love you

Lady Fur

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