Redvolution Renzo Rosso’s vision

Renzo and I share the same “vision” even if he is 59 years and I am 29.

My advice to all women entrepreneurs in all sectors to read:

REDVOLUTION  Renzo Rosso’s vision

In 2009, The Dalai Lama confided in Renzo, “You have received the gift of entrepreneurial spirit, you have to continue to build jobs and generate profit. Create a foundation, delegating others to care for you in the society. But use your name (up to that moment he had never done) and your brands, which are known, you’ll have more people who will follow you. ”

That year Renzo wanted to quit his job and take care of other things in order to have a more peaceful life. After talking with the Dalai Lama, the holding company created OTB (Only The Brave), which manages Diesel, Maison Martin Margiela, Marni, Viktor & Rolfe the International Staff, and Brave Kid.

I fervently hope that Renzo widens his horizons, does not deal only with developing his big companies with but investing his time and know-how to build a new Italy.

He is the right man!

He would know how to create laws and systems for the development of startups, he would know how to value Italian fashion and craftsmanship abroad, he would not give away Italian companies to the French or Arabs but would find a way to make them even stronger in our country.

He would send home useless nonagenarian politicians who do not understand the web and innovation and create jobs jobs in all sectors (Tourism, Food, Fashion, Electronics)

He would overturn the Italian scenario. I believes that Italy has every chance to get back to being  BEAUTIFUL ITALY and I am sure that it could become an incisive economic power in the global economy.


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